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  1. Re: mommy sick - baby breaks out in head to toe red blotches

    oh no problem...your post didn't worry me...my baby girl has been doing that all on her own!!! haha!
    I appreciate you telling me your experience..it definitely convinced me that a new call to the...
  2. Re: mommy sick - baby breaks out in head to toe red blotches

    see about 36 hrs later and her symptoms haven't clear up at all =( now i am worried...
  3. Re: mommy sick - baby breaks out in head to toe red blotches

    thank you...i am taking amox for bad case of strep throat. normally i nurse through my sicknesses and even though amox is compatible with nursing..she had an allergic reaction to it! so i have to...
  4. mommy sick - baby breaks out in head to toe red blotches

    The same day I start amoxicillin .. my 5.5 mo old DD breaks out in head-to-toe red blotches and it is very similar to when her older sister had to take amox a few years ago and broke out in similar...
  5. Re: Pumping enough for day to day AND building a freezer stash?

    when do you go to bed..I always pumped about two hrs after my lo went down for the night and rt before I went to bed...that was usually 11pm-12am ish and I was able to get a decent amt then!

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    Re: Pumping no longer increasing supply

    why do you think he is not getting enough from you alone!?!?
    A baby will rarely deny bottles bec it is A LOT easier than the breast...you might not/prob not need to do that extra and save the...
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    Re: how much expressed milk??

    i mostly EBF and I started with 2 oz and when up about a 1/2 oz each month and plateaued at 4-4.5 oz and my 11 mo old still takes that! It doesnt keep going up like a formula bottle..the...
  8. Re: Will pumping give me "full" benefits of breastfeeding?

    Dont make yourself crazy...BM is better than no BM at all!!! I always told myself: "What is the diff-whether it comes "straight from the tap" or in a bottle?!?!?!

    I was constantly mixing my milk...
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    Re: Pump/Bottle cleaning question

    I pumped for a year with both my LOs and I prob sterilized a handful of times...only time I def did it is when I opened them new from the package....warm soapy water is all that is really...
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    Re: pumping then feeding

    I also found that in the morning (the first feed) I was able to feed my lo off of ONE breast and the other breast I just pumped...so therefore I would get a good stash and feed my lo as well!

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    Re: How much formula hurts supply?

    I dont think you should top off either...maybe your lo knows they are gonna get the "easy milk" and is not trying so hard at the breast! I agree that you should try to avoid supplementing at all
  12. Re: Looking to stop breastfeeding need help...afraid of poss mastitis

    thanks for the bump!! =)

    and thanks for the response...

    I have begun the weaning process the last couple of days...I was only pumping 3x a dayanyway for the last couple of months....and so I...
  13. Re: Is there a way to increase your breastmilk?

    my DS has always been 70 percentile in height and 10 percentile in weight...and my Dr was never concerned...he said he is still "on the charts" when he is off the charts (in either direction) that is...
  14. Looking to stop breastfeeding need help...afraid of poss mastitis

    ..I have had mastitis 4 times with my DS...and I don't want it again....but I want to wean from breastfeeding this week...what do I do!?!?!

    My DS only nurses in the morning..AND from my right...
  15. Re: When is enough is enough...(Sorry longer than orig thought)

    Thank you - it is! =)

    That is what I keep saying to myself..I am hoping I can!

    Never did that 1st two..but I will def look into it!
    And I do the Bacitracin, but when I pump it is like...
  16. When is enough is enough...(Sorry longer than orig thought)

    SO I am in the middle of my FOURTH bout of Mastitis! I am avg about once a month for the last 4 months...I just can't take it anymore....It always starts the same way, I get cracked bleeding nipple...
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    Confused about DS's new behavior

    Lil' background: My son was EBF for the first couple of months with an occasional bottle of BM.....but then he started to refuse the breast...SO I became a pumper...(the only time I nurse is the very...
  18. Re: Transporting EBM - Do I need dry ice?

    I agree..that is not enough time for anything to happen to it! I have gone longer wth ice packs and nothing happened to it!
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    Re: oz of bm for 4 mon

    that seems like a lot to me...

    I will tell you what I learned from experience and from these boards:

    they plateau after a while..I started with 2 oz...and went up a half oz every month until I...
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    Re: 9 month old not gaining weight

    i feed my 8.5 mo son 3 times a day solids..and he still nurses/bottle of bm every 2 to three hrs and he is "only" 17 lbs, 2 oz...my dr says a gain is a gain..and we are not concerned when he is "on...
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    Re: Pumping on an airplane

    i pumped with my electric medela PIS on a plane..i used the battery pack..sat in the window seat with my coat/sweater and blanket covering me and pumped away..i thought everyone was going to know...
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    Re: How To Introduce Whole Milk?

    I couldn't nurse my DD anymore bec I was preg with my DD...I finally couldn't take the pain and my supply was dipping drastically dipping...It was 2 or 3 weeks before her 1st birthday. I asked the...
  23. Re: Is Daddy overfeeding or does baby just eat ALOT??

    what I have learned:

    babies will not deny milk coming out of a bottle like they do the breast bec it is a lot easier for them, less work..and also many times when they are finished with the bottle...
  24. Re: Which is better for the BM, bottles or bags?

    I do the same
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    Re: Milk Warming Question

    do it all the time...no probs
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