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  1. Re: Anyone else on a soy free dairy free diet??

    My Lo started having small amounts of blood in her stool at 2months. I think lots of things can contribute to the irritation even if the offender has already been taken out. We are finally blood...
  2. Re: Let-down still aches like nobody's business?

    Mine starting being painful around 1 month. What I would consider substantial. I have been dealing with oald/os and noticed that it seems to hurt less when I get it under control. I've been...
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    Re: Yogurt?

    I definately agree that you always need toread the ingredients on food because they can say so many things about how great the product is but still include crud in the ingredients. However about the...
  4. Re: Pedi thinks my LO may have GERD ...... please need some advice (long )

    My Dr was quick to put my DD on zantac and now we are taking her off now this week to see how it goes. My problems stemmed from OALD/oversupply issues and possibly food allergies. We even got sent...
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    Re: Fears Regarding Block Feeding

    So glad I read your post. I'm dealing with similar issues too and wondering how exactly to do the blockfeeding:) I was doing it for awhile and prob seeing good results and then the pediatrician and...
  6. Re: OS or OALD causing blood in stools?

    Well at least my pediatrician seemed to still be pro BF because the GI certainly was not and I told her that and she agreed. However she is pro BF I feel like she is completely...
  7. Re: OS or OALD causing blood in stools?

    ugh! Ok I take that back. Just had a diaper with quite a few spots and streaks of blood. I've also been giving her culturelle probiotics a few times in the past week.
  8. Re: OS or OALD causing blood in stools?

    Thanks: The Dr tested for blood at 2month appt because I said I had seen dark green specks and maybe dark brown specks in her stool. The test came back negative. So at that point in time we had...
  9. OS or OALD causing blood in stools?

    My DD is 4months, healthy happy and growing well. 15+lbs now and was 7lb 7 at birth. We have been having specks of blood generally in small amounts in her stool since she was 2 months old. I have...
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