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    Re: EP'er Questions

    How old is your LO?
    He is 14 weeks.
    What is your pumping schedule?
    4:30am when I get up for work, 8:30am, 1:30pm (twice at work), 5:30pm, 9:00pm
    What Pump do you use?
    I am renting the Medela...
  2. Re: Exclusively pumping right now and need to get out of the house!!

    This is how I felt when I first decided to EP. But you need to get out. I would schedule all of my errands/outings around feeding my son, then pump, and then head out. It's okay if you miss a...
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    New Daycare Routine???

    Let me premise this by saying I have been an EP since my son was 6 weeks old.
    Before I started back to work my son was eating everyone 2 - 3 hours, 4 - 4.5oz at a time, about 7 feedings a day, and...
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