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    Re: Tongue Tied? Help please.

    I just wanted to mention that my LO had a substantial tongue tie (the pediatric ENT who saw him at 2 years old took one glance at it before telling us it needed clipped). He gained a pound a week...
  2. Re: Running out if milk??? I'm so nervous

    Your baby is probably having a growth spurt. Even if you can't express any milk at all, your breasts are continuously producing milk and your baby will get that new milk when they nurse. Your...
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    Re: Sore breast

    I'm in the same boat. My breasts aren't really up to a size B while nursing. These sore spots are my great breastfeeding mystery. I'm never sure if I should assume there's a plug and massage/hand...
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    Re: Sore breast

    I get (and have right now) a bruise like localized pain. This happens with some regularity. As near as I can tell, this is a minor and deep plugged duct. I get them more often when I'm out of the...
  5. Re: nearing the end of her (wife's) sleepless rope...

    I'm going to second the watch your wife nap with baby advice. That was how we survived the newborn phase with my first. I was frightened to cosleep, but could nap like that with DH sitting with us.
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    Re: Expressing affecting supply?

    Is there a method to distinguish storage capacity from pumping/nursing output? The latter would include milk produced during the session.
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    Re: Expressing affecting supply?

    Fascinating. When DS1 was an infant, I visibly inflated over a work day, and there was nothing near 20 oz in there. I guess our skin is more flexible than I give it credit for. I just can't...
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    Re: Expressing affecting supply?

    Do you have citations on the details of that? I'm simply curious. I'm smaller than a AA, and some case studies of oversupply talk about women pumping quantities of milk that are vastly beyond the...
  9. Re: 14 mos, no longer wants mommy milk during the day

    OK, so it sounds like the question isn't what your daughter likes about the tablets; the question is what your husband likes about giving your daughter the tablets.
  10. Re: 14 mos, no longer wants mommy milk during the day

    I'm guessing from the ingredient list that the electrolyte replacement tablets make the water sort of sweet? It looks like it has low calorie and no calorie sweeteners.
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    Re: Consistency question

    I think this really depends on how much of your LOs diet is solids. I think my son was close to 18 months (at least upwards of a year) before he was dependent on getting solids regularly. And that...
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    Re: Manual pump reviews / recommendations?

    I have a medela hand pump. I think it's faster and easier than hand expressing, but cleanup is a pain. Plus, I didn't like the feel of pumping. It just feels icky to me. I ended up just hand...
  13. Re: Need some sleep - - how would benedryl affect supply?

    You may already know this, but you develop a tolerance to benadryl really quickly. My husky was on benadryl off and on for years for allergies. The first few days, he'd act drugged. Then, he'd be...
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    Re: Medication Help Please

    I think the amount of antibiotics that transfer in your milk is low compared to the amount they would prescribe for your child, but Infantrisk would know. They are really good about helping you...
  15. Re: Oversupply issues - how can I reduce it? close to quitt

    The idea of expressing both breasts fully to begin is that it will make you and baby more comfortable. Block feeding will reduce supply, but it may be pretty uncomfortable (until block feeding...
  16. Re: Ugh. Forgot to wash hands before pumping today!!!

    You might use the pumped milk soon we rather than later, because the storage guidelines usually assume you just washed your hands. I wouldn't worry about it though. With my first, I was paranoid...
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    Re: Not a problem, per say...

    My first was tongue tied, and I had horrible pain. My second was just like your experience. No soreness at all. He latched on perfectly immediately after birth, and it was all smooth sailing from...
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    Re: he plans to go cold turkey

    I remember this articlehttp://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/21/nyregion/21freda.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0 talking about her 2 year old just announcing he was done. No details, though.
  19. Temas: Yogurt

    by @llli*timsmom

    Re: Yogurt

    The lactose in yogurt has been consumed by the bacteria that ferment the milk into yogurt. How much remains depends on how long the yogurt was fermented. I'm not sure about cheese.
  20. Re: Starting to wean, but need some answers.....

    Infant risk says http://m.infantrisk.com/content/safe-use-birth-control-while-breastfeeding about bc while bf.
  21. Re: Ladies who pump and nurse for long periods...

    7 weeks old is sooooo little. http://www.webmd.com/parenting/healthtool-infant-milestones gives general milestones at that age. The gist of it is they can't do much. They have really limited...
  22. Re: Is there anyone NOT starting their LO on rice cereal ?

    The complicated part is that the USDA is not only reimbursing them for the cost of food but also for the cost of serving food. For babies under 7 months, they will pay the provider to feed the baby...
  23. Re: Is there anyone NOT starting their LO on rice cereal ?

    I spent some time looking this up, and it's actually probably true that the USDA is giving them payment for meals, and that payment is contingent on them providing rice cereal after 7 months. Before...
  24. Re: Help! No place to pump at work - violation of law

    Federal labor law classifies workers as "exempt" and "nonexempt." Exempt workers aren't covered by various regulations. I think, loosely, if you're paid hourly and get legal guarantees about break...
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    Re: sore and swollen side

    The kellymom links above should be good. Most importantly, you need to clear the plugs and empty the backed up milk. Baby is likely to be better at this than the pump. Dangle nursing, nursing...
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