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    Re: Plugged duct at one year... How?

    And hang on, what was that about raw garlic? That's new to me! :lol

    How does it work?
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    Re: Plugged duct at one year... How?

    Thanks lots for all the advice ladies. i went ahead with the rice bag, and tried to nurse more often. (You don't want to get yelled at by my mum. =P) i also did some massaging on the affected side in...
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    Plugged duct at one year... How?

    HI ladies

    Yuheng just turned one last week, so yay, here we are! :clap

    Anyway, the question i wanted to ask was this: i suddenly got a plugged duct, so what can i do to remove it? Yuheng...
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    Re: What's up Doc?

    Hehe... you ladies had doctors walk in on you. i've had the cleaning supervisor walk in on me, not once, but twice! :lol

    i've taken to keeping the key in the lock while i'm pumping in the meeting...
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    Re: Is anyone up more than me?

    Thanks for posting this! i've just had the third or fourth night in a row where my Yuheng is like that. Maybe not so extreme, but you get the idea. i work full time, and it's been really hard getting...
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    Re: Where do u pump at work?

    i'm an admin staff at a polytechnic and i do musical pumping too. My favourite spot is a rarely used meeting room that only a few people have keys to. The snag is, it's so rarely used that when...
  7. Re: Now that we have a thread about Mummy's hair loss, how about one for Baby?

    i'm in Singapore, where the majority of the population is ethnic Chinese like myself. But the funny thing about Chinese taboos and traditions is that they somehow got handed down all the way to...
  8. Now that we have a thread about Mummy's hair loss, how about one for Baby?

    My LO was born with a full head of hair, but he's started shedding his baby hair. He's shedding so much that patches of his head look bald now, and i'm picking up cute little strands of soft baby...
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    Re: Hubby doesnt want me to BF

    My DH is a gamer too, and what do i do? i just plop DS into Daddy's lap, saying "Daddy carry!" i then disappear and do my own stuff. DH will try to continue playing and DS will watch for a while, but...
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    Re: Double Pumping with PISA

    Hi GGKMom, i use a PISA at work too and i don't do hands-free. Normally i just hold the bottles in place, but when i need a spare hand, like when i turn on the pump, i cross my legs, bend over and...
  11. Re: A Few Questions for Double Electric Pump Users

    1. Medela PISA... i pump 3 times a day at work, and the PISA is simply God's gift to us fulltime working-nursing mums! No stress about letdown at all! And it saves time...

    2. 3 times a day: 10am,...
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    Can one breast just quit producing?

    i'd heard some of you ladies mentioning something like that, but i'm not sure if the same thing is starting to happen to me. My left breast has always produced more than the right, both in terms of...
  13. Re: working/pumping & loss of milk supply....HELP!

    Linda, i'm so glad you posted this!

    i'm fresh back from my third pumping session of the workday, and struggled to pump 4oz, with a Medela PISA, no less! When i first started using that pump, i...
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    Re: bottle question

    You could try, but from my own experience, you wouldn't feel all that good, which is something you'll need to get used to. i prefer to get my mum or my hubby or even my brother to give baby the...
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    Re: to pump or not to pump?

    i have OALD too, and this is what i did in my stash-building days. i would pump in the morning, after the first morning feed that i am actually awake (hehe), on the breast that my baby didn't use....
  16. Re: Does any one have a baby born in early April?

    Yuheng was born 11 Apr. That still considered early? :)
  17. Re: how do you know what suction and speed are best?

    i use a Medela PISA, and my settings are normally on the lower end of the spectrum. And to prevent soreness, i apply lanolin after every pumping session. i think that helps me, coz i haven't really...
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    Re: Working Mother Breast Pump Roll Call!!!

    Another one for Medela PISA... i lurve it! Nothing like it for stress-free pumping! :) :) :) :) :)
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    Re: Can't achieve let-down

    Thanks ladies for the tips! i've always massaged my breasts while pumping, but i guess i was doing it wrong all the while. Anyway, yesterday i discovered that if i do quick, firm strokes towards my...
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    Re: Can't achieve let-down

    Single pumping, with a Medela Mini Electric, at a setting that i can tolerate and doesn't feel like my nipples are being ripped off! My hubby got it for me in the early days when i knew nothing about...
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    Can't achieve let-down

    This is my second week back at work, and i'm starting to have problems keeping up with my baby's intake. Basically i only nurse at home, no bottles, and when i'm at work i pump for the next day.
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    Re: Standing up to BF???

    Another one here who's LO needs to be nursed on the move... It's the only way i can keep my boob in his mouth sometimes! :p
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    Re: What does everyone do?

    What do i do? Depends on where i'm going. i normally plan to go to a mall where there are nursing facilities, which solves the problem. i don't even bother to tank him up before i go. And if he's...
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    Re: Dry green stool - should i be worried?

    Thanks ladies for the thoughts!

    Poop is back to normal, or at least he's pooped twice since then and they've both been his normal yellow poop. i was worried that it'd be green again coz he's been...
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    Re: Crying while Nursing

    My 3-month-old has done that for a good month now, but it started for a different reason. He caught a cold and had to deal with a blocked nose for quite a while, and sometimes he couldn't breathe...
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