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    Re: some help pls!!

    I had a similar beginning with my baby. Also no matter how good of a pump you use, the baby is always going to be better at getting milk out and telling your breasts how much to make.

    It does...
  2. Re: I need help please 9 months old and my supply is decreasing

    This happens to me every so often when I'm over tired or coming down with a cold. It may also be hormonal. What helps me is to eat oatmeal for breakfast every day. I only get 1-2 oz from each side,...
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    Re: Mixing different days' milk?

    I've had milk left over from daycare on several occasions and mixed it into the next days, or day after's bottles with no ill effects. I think that as long as it was kept cool prior to mixing...
  4. Re: Isolated & burned out need some support

    Holey moley, that's brilliant- I'm going to try it tomorrow.
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    Re: I Want To Quit Today

    I'm offering you support because you were kind enough to offer me support for basicaly the same concern. It seems that when it comes to pumping, we need a kind of reverse AA. Maybe someone should...
  6. Re: Isolated & burned out need some support

    Thanks everyone. I don't know what i'm going to do, but at least knowing i'm not the only one who feels this way helps. No one in my real life world ever nursed or pumped, so there is no sympathy...
  7. Isolated & burned out need some support

    Hi, I've been pumpung since October & returned to full time work the first week of December. I've been pumping 3X a day; 2 during work & 1 on lunch break; to take home about 8oz total. Since I can't...
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