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    Re: Help Need Sleep!!

    A few ideas:

    1. A little lovey blanket for him. Sleep with it under your nightshirt a couple nights so it smells like you. Encourage him to cuddle with, especially while you're nursing during...
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    Re: Suddenly it's over

    That's just how I feel, we had a TERRIBLE time bfing in the beginning. She was a week old when she latched for the first time and even then we had to use a nipple shield until she was about 2 months...
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    Re: Suddenly it's over

    Thanks so much for all the support and advice. I know it's technically a strike but it's been 5 days and she still reacts violently if I try to get her to nurse. Otherwise she's not upset by not...
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    Suddenly it's over

    My daughter is 13 months and we were just forced to wean very unexpectedly. All of a sudden this week she started refusing to nurse, arching away and crying every time we tried. After a couple days...
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    Re: Can you leak out MOST of your milk?

    I'm pretty sure it's not possible. I have a friend who had the same problem. The side not being used would spray like crazy during a letdown and she leaked a lot at all other times. She would put...
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    Re: Addicted to the Boppy

    I have the same problem with large, rather droopy breasts. One thing that has helped me is to roll up a small towel or burp cloth and put it underneath my breast. Kind of lifts it up to a better...
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    Re: Please help

    I haven't don't have experience with those specific issues but you're right, breastfeeding shouldn't hurt. If possible, find a lactation consultant in your area. You can look online or call labor...
  8. Re: Different Breast personalities! Can you help?

    The right is probably getting full and painful because you're not using it enough. If you're using the left most of the time then I wouldn't be surprised if it felt a lot more empty. I would nurse...
  9. Re: Question on how to establish pumping only

    Congrats on your little one!

    Don't give up and assume you'll have to pump and bottle feed. If she's latching on and nursing, there's no reason to believe you'll need to pump long term. If her...
  10. Re: My 7 month old only wants to nurse for a few minutes

    Babies that age can be very efficient at getting the milk out. So she may be getting plenty. They're also very easily distracted at that age, so nursing in a quiet, dark room can help get her to...
  11. Re: No weight gain - Doc wants me to supplement with formula

    I would tend to disagree with the "10 minutes on each side thing" For weight gain you want him to get the fattier hind milk at the end of a feed. Part of your problem is maybe that he gets plenty...
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    Re: Weight gain

    I wouldn't assume there is a problem based on one week alone. If he's happy and has plenty of diapers you can just keep an eye on things.

    At 9 weeks, I think it's perfectly fine to let a...
  13. Re: Difficult to figure out how many ounces...

    I would think 3-4 oz. would be about right. I would always offer 4 oz. If they are getting full, you can see them slow down their active sucking at the bottle even if they will still swallow what...
  14. Re: Initial breastfeeding and finger feeding

    I second the previous poster that you definitely need to be pumping regularly for your milk supply.

    I had a lot of early difficulties and one thing we used was a supplemental nurser system. ...
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    Re: thumbsucking

    We used the avent pacifiers with our daughter after she stopped reliably falling asleep while nursing. We'd rock her to sleep with the pacifier. She sucked on her hands from day one and always...
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    Re: Mommy Pacifier

    Hey, I thought the combination of names Angela and Charlotte sounded familiar. Then I saw you live in Savannah. I think you and I went to Sarah's yoga class together back in PC and we were all...
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    Re: What can I take for heartburn?

    Taking Tums would be fine.

    Here's a useful link of approved meds for breastfeeding

  18. Re: I am losing my mind! Encouragment please...

    You can get through this and do this. I have no doubt you can go on to have a long and wonderful bfing relationship with your beautiful son. But you also, in the here and now, need to do whatever...
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    Re: Finger sucking - will it ever stop?

    Have you considered taking off the mittens and just letting her suck her fingers? You can keep her nails trimmed and use an emery board to file any sharp edges. My DD did this from very early on...
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    Re: the nipple shield, it works!

    Wow, I went through the SAME THING with my daughter. I have large, flat nipples and she refused to even try to latch. We started with a nipple shield and had to use a syringe to put some expressed...
  21. Re: Please Tell Me You Ritual Of Putting...

    My daughter is almost 6 months as well and I sometimes have the same problem. She won't let my husband even attempt to rock her to sleep for some reason so he HAD to come up with a strategy of his...
  22. Re: Baby gets frantic at my breast - Help!

    Thanks for the replies. I use nipple shields off and on. I used them again until my nipples healed up. I seem to be doing better with the latch this time around. I'm being very careful whereas...
  23. Baby gets frantic at my breast - Help!

    I am getting very scared about my milk supply.

    I am trying to figure out if this is a growth spurt or if my supply is getting too low. Yesterday, my 7 week old daughter has started acting frantic...
  24. Re: 6 weeks old's poop is almost black in color

    thanks for the replies. I'm going to take her to the dr. this morning to check things out. I've started using the shield again and I think they're getting lighter in color. The consistency was a...
  25. 6 weeks old's poop is almost black in color

    My baby is 6 1/2 weeks old. Yesterday her poop started changing color and is now very dark brown, almost black. I think it might be because my nipples have recently started bleeding a little and...
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