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  1. Having trouble again, feel like quitting

    Hey everyone my LO is 17 weeks, I give him formula after his bath every night at 6pm but the rest of the time I breastfeed, these past 2 weeks we have been having problems. LO is taking down too much...
  2. 4 months old, not latching on properly.

    Hello everyone, my LO is 4 months old and for the past 2-3 weeks he hasn't been latching on properly, when it comes to feeding time I get myself and him into a comfortable position but he can't/won't...
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    How do I..?

    Hey everyone my LO is 15 weeks old and EBF, I have to return to work soon and would like he to still have BM ... how do I BF and pump ?? I know this has probably been asked a thousand times but...
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    Re: Lazy latch?

    Hey thanks for your replies :) I didn't realise I was doing more harm than good :(. I will take your advice on board and see how I go, it's not that I'm bothered but LO is taking excess amounts of...
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    Lazy latch?

    Hi everyone, my LO is 14 weeks and over the past 2 weeks we are been having some problems. It seems he has got lazy with his latch, he won't open his mouth very wide and won't scoop his tounge, also...
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