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    Re: Nursing around Coworkers?

    If you're not comfortable, you could just wander off to a quieter area of the park to nurse.

    I would have been okay nursing around my coworkers when my baby was older, but maybe not at 7 weeks....
  2. Re: Considering weaning at 3.5 months due to insomnia

    :ita For MONTHS after my first baby was born, every time a fire truck would pass I'd start thinking about what I'd do if there was a fire in the middle of the night. Detailed plans for how I'd get...
  3. Re: Difference in expressed milk from morning vs night?

    Espresso? That's a pretty ridiculous overstatement, IMO. :gg
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    Re: Donor milk on day 1

    I think it's great they are using donor milk. I wonder if that makes them less hesitant to recommend supplementing, though. Probably not, most hospitals aren't hesitant to recommend supplementing in...
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    Re: Travel while breastfeeding

    Would they be willing to pay up to the amount of a smaller one-person room and you pay whatever extra for an upgrade to a room big enough for the rest of the family?
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    Re: Brown stringy substance in puke

    Any chance he got a hold of something and ate it without you noticing? Have his poops been normal?

    I think that is something I'd call the doc to talk about. It could be nothing (and since he seems...
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    Re: Vaccination Worries

    Call infantrisk at 806-352-2519. They can advise you on the safety of any medications you take while breastfeeding.

  8. Re: Please help with 4.5 month old not gaining

    It sounds like the dairy elimination helped a lot with the eczema, so I don't think your baby's slow gain is related to the allergy issue.

    I'm going to be completely honest with you. I think you...
  9. Re: Please help with 4.5 month old not gaining

    How are his diapers? Does he poop normally? And did the eczema improve when you eliminated dairy? Can you describe the eczema- are there open wet areas or is it dry and flaky?
  10. Re: Pumping for toddler while away on business trip?

    :ita That's what I would do. And an extra one here and there if you have the opportunity. If you start to notice a drastic change in the amount of milk you're pumping, you might want to be more...
  11. Re: Still up 4+ times a night to feed.....

    He is definitely old enough to go ahead and try to night wean if the waking is making you miserable. Though a more realistic stretch of sleep to go for would be about 5 hours. I also used Dr....
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    Re: Baby who bites

    I think I'd immediately unlatch him and say "no" or "no biting" then wait 30 seconds or a minute or so before you try latching again. If he bites again right away, I'd repeat and either hand him off...
  13. Re: Having a hard time and feeling like a terrible mom

    yep. I had to stop reading some of the forums here because I got so bitter about things. And I knew I was being unfair- other people have every right to complain about their baby's sleep being...
  14. Re: Having a hard time and feeling like a terrible mom

    I was on a strict elimination diet for a long time and nothing ever helped my son. It's extremely stressful physically and emotionally. Having a child with any chronic health problem is draining, but...
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    Re: pumping on vanpool

    Do you know these folks? Work with directly with them? Are they strangers?

    Like mommal said, the legal issue would depend on whether the van is considered public or private. If it's owned by your...
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    Re: Today I am quitting the pump!

    :gvibes You can do it!! You'll feel so FREE!!! :hero
  17. Re: giving tray of food vs one bite at a time

    Can you clarify what your concern is? Unless I'm misunderstanding the situation, this is probably not a battle I'd choose to fight. If they are allowing him to feed himself and not controlling how...
  18. Re: Is it time to stop the madness? or at least dial it down

    And enjoy your vacation!

    Erm, if your baby isn't going though, you might want to bring your pump to keep from getting uncomfortable. I made the mistake of thinking at 19 months I didn't need to...
  19. Re: Is it time to stop the madness? or at least dial it down

    :ita I think a lot of what mommal said makes sense. And I think the good news is at this point, the pressure is OFF. You are no longer the sole source of nutrition for your son. Any breastmilk he's...
  20. Re: 10 day old baby and inadequate milk supply

    I don't have any advice that hasn't already been given, but I just wanted to chime in and say I think it is amazing that you are working so hard to make this work for your baby. The progress you've...
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    Re: Getting 5mo back to breast

    I'd definitely give the co-sleeping and nursing vacation a go. Sleep with your shirt off and (if it's warm enough) put baby in just a diaper. that way you're skin to skin all night long, which...
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    Re: Help! Blood in Stool

    :ita with mommal. I don't think you have anything to worry about. Or at least nothing that would require running to the doc right away. There's a lot to be said for mother's intuition. If you feel...
  23. Re: Baby will not relax when with me. Need help/opinions.

    Do what works for you, as far as your nipples are concerned. I didn't use lanolin either, it made my nipples feel more tender. I think what you're doing now- just taking better care of them- will...
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    Re: Trying to understand let down

    Let down is just a term used to describe the moment your milk begins to flow. Sometimes you feel a sensation when it happens, sometimes you don't. But whether you feel it or not, if there's milk...
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    Re: Update-milk allergy?

    I went back and read your other thread. I wanted to add two things-

    1. My daughter (the small one) was 25%ile at birth and dropped to 5%ile by 3 mos and has hovered between that and 3rd %ile ever...
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