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  1. Re: Advice needed: Not pumping enough milk to save.

    Pumping .5 ounce from each breast after feeding (which means 1 ounce) is pretty good! Usually you don't have much extra after baby finishes eating. However, if you keep at it for a few days, each day...
  2. Re: Need encouragement while baby is sick

    Happy to report that my baby is back at the breast and enjoying it :) I don't have that much of a decrease right now - maybe 80-90% of what I usually have but I can't really judge other than by my...
  3. Re: Pumping, Feeding, Supply outputs

    I was also going to suggest nursing him in his sleep at night. Also, when he does wake up to eat in the middle of the night, I'd let him first wake up for a minute or two before offering the breast....
  4. Re: Need encouragement while baby is sick

    Thank you for the encouragement. As of now I don't have too low of a supply (I am drinking lots of beer - that seems to help for me). However, I am worried that my baby is still not nursing properly....
  5. Re: Going from bottle to breast- suggestions?

    I'd manually stimulate to get a letdown and then the milk will be ready and flowing by the time he latches on. Then I'd give the bottle if he needs. If you first give bottle and then go to breast, he...
  6. Need encouragement while baby is sick

    My baby has gotten first an ear infection, then a cough, and now finally pneumonia. This happened last week and is still ongoing. He finally was put on meds yesterday when we went back to the...
  7. Re: How do I know if my thawed milk is bad?

    Exactly. And although my milk has the lipase issue, my baby will still drink it, although much less. But enough to tide him over. Of course I'd rather he drink 4oz instead of 2 so I make sure to deal...
  8. Re: How do I know if my thawed milk is bad?

    It could be your milk has a freezer smell, which happens when it's not stored so well. Make sure it's double wrapped - such as a milk storage bag within a larger ziploc bag or plastic storage bin....
  9. Re: HELP NEEDED: Almost No Milk on Left Breast

    Same here, my left is also a bit of a lower producer when it comes to nursing, but for pumping that side yields more! He just likes nursing from the right side much more.
  10. Re: HELP NEEDED: Almost No Milk on Left Breast

    I have had a breast refusal many times after plugged ducts. I just offer that side while he's sleeping (during the night feeds). I also always try to give that side first even though he doesn't end...
  11. Re: Nursing strike - getting frustrated and tired, help need

    Don't feel that because you had challenges with brestfeeding you will automatically suffer through strikes. We had lots of issues too with latching and tongue-tie that had to get corrected, tons of...
  12. Re: Nursing strike - getting frustrated and tired, help need

    It could also be a passing phase. My baby has had that so many times before the 6month mark. He would just nurse for a few seconds and pop off - and no, he was NOT an efficient eater at that time so...
  13. Re: Is the milk still ok after long commute without ice pack

    I would save it and use within 24 hours if the milk smelled and tasted fine.
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    Re: Sudden decrease in milk

    Sudden drops don't really happen because you aren't pumping enough. I mean, if you are getting enough while pumping a certain amount, if you continue pumping that often you shouldn't see a huge drop...
  15. Re: Storage bag recommendations needed!

    I use the Honeysuckle storage bags. Most of my bags carry between 3.5-5 ounces of milk so the 6oz size seems fine. I love the quality. I have been using them since going back to work when my baby was...
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    Re: Sudden drop in production

    Or try a pumping session after work, like an hour or two after your baby goes to sleep. When my son was 5 months old, I had a huge drop in supply that lasted a week. From then on I kept getting drops...
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    Re: Baby Prefers to Nurse At Home

    And my 9.5 month old will only nurse from one position - a modified cradle hold. Any other position and he pops off and looks around everywhere. He's already standing and everything, but he'll never...
  18. Re: Going out of town - baby won't take bottle

    Also a lipase issue can come and go at any time. I noticed my baby refusing to drink more than a little from bottles that I sent after April (I hadn't given bottles for a week in mid-April). Turns...
  19. Re: How much expressed milk per bottle?

    I send along 1 oz for each hour separated. My baby won't eat more. We are separated from 10-5:30 and I feed at about 5:45-6 and send along around 8 oz. I send whatever I pump the day before, and it's...
  20. Re: looking to buy a pre owned breast pump

    Have you checked ebay? A lot of people sell their brand new ones that they got for free from their insurance company but never used. I got my second pump that way. Paid $45 for a brand new Ameda...
  21. Re: Continuation of weight gain/supply struggle

    I thought sleeping through the night means going without eating for x amount of hours.

    So cool about the acupuncture, btw.
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    Re: Help with Daycare Schedule

    Definitely sounds like your baby is being overfed. 15 oz PLUS all the solids is a bit much, I think. Instead of 2 larger bottles, I think they should feed three times, but smaller amounts.

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    Re: breastfeeding behavior

    I only take down one side of the nursing bra at a time so that might help you.
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    Re: Outing with breast milk bottle?

    I cross my legs and use that extra height as the "pillow". At home I always use a pillow so I am also attached to the idea of having my baby raised up while nursing.
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    Re: thoughts on breastfeeding

    You keep it up then! Ignore everyone else's "advice." Secretly, I think they are jealous of your accomplishment.
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