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  1. Re: pumping hurts - small nipples, large breasts & hygeia pu

    Have you tried even a larger size of flange, just to be safe (the 27mm)? When I have a flange that's too large, my nipples go way too far into the tube. But you're not having that happen. It...
  2. Re: Back at work, question about bottles

    My little boy has never taken very much milk while I'm gone. And he didn't seem to make up for it when I was home, either. He has been a pretty slow gainer, but I figured -- what more can I do? I...
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    Re: Constant nursing in 16 week old

    I agree with mommal about finding a safe place to sleep lying next to baby. It is best if it is just you and baby, in my opinion -- Daddy elsewhere, if possible. That's one less person to disturb...
  4. Re: Not sure where to ask this-regarding exercise.

    Actually, you can get plugs from exercise. I have -- once from running and once from jumping jacks, both times when my LO was under 3 months old (I think the plugs are less likely after that time,...
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    Re: Protein powder and Breastfeeding

    I would be careful about altering your diet too much. Don't go to extremes. It is a myth that EVERYONE loses weight while breastfeeding. I pretty much can't lose weight while breastfeeding, which...
  6. Re: High needs baby and daycare decisions

    We have hired two young nannies who worked previously at daycares. Although we couldn't pay much it seems like many daycares pay minimum wage. So we paid more than that at least. But we normally have...
  7. Re: Breastfeed during the day, bottle at night. Possible?

    There is no reason to stop breastfeeding, and only reasons to keep doing so! The WHO recommends breastfeeding until at least age 2 -- not stop at 2, but at least get that far. So tell your...
  8. Re: Vit D supplement for breastfed babies

    There are different brands of Vitamin D. We use Carlson's which has a dosage of one drop instead of a dropper-full. I think it's a good idea to give it but we like that brand because it doesn't have...
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    Re: sitting up

    I personally thought it meant can sit "unsupported." I think my son was still toppling over a bit when I started him on solids, but mostly could sit if I set him somewhere.
  10. Re: Going back to work - HR telling me to pump in the bathro

    I have friends who've used conference rooms and other strange places. But this fancy building sounds like it was designed for fancy, but is nursing friendly! I say if you can't find anywhere, then...
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    Re: Poor latch... confused

    My babies had bad latches, and I knew it -- ouch!

    I am so happy to hear your daughters will be helping out. I just wanted to chime in on that part -- we have hired younger nannies for both of...
  12. Re: Moving - How to Transport Freezer Stash

    You can buy plugin coolers with car adapters but not sure how cold they get to keep it frozen. 500 oz is a lot. Could you donate some and move less? I can barely fit my 50 oz or so in my freezer!
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    Re: Two bottles a day at daycare?

    That seems like a huge bottle to me. Even 5 oz sounds a lot, although if you can pump enough for 3 each day and he still nurses when you're home he is probably a hungry guy. My LOs only had about...
  14. Re: Is breastfeeding really the problem?

    It's the doctors; not you. I actually had a pregnancy group with many first time mothers (I was to be a second). When a lactation consultant came to talk to us she asked about barriers to...
  15. Re: Hypothyroid - Is T3 hormone required for laction??

    I have very mild hypothyroidism and am only on levothyroxine. Lowest dosage though. Not taking anything else and am breastfeeding my second baby. Have lost track of my test results since I was having...
  16. Re: Pumping schedule and amount- does this sound correct?

    I use a car adapter for mine. I've never bothered with batteries -- the adapter came with mine and I made sure to use it! You just need a cover and a hands-free nursing bra. Some people make their...
  17. Re: Pumping schedule and amount- does this sound correct?

    I think your workday schedule sounds good. I pump in the car on the way to work (sometimes it's right after LO nurses) so if you commute to work by car maybe that would help you get one session in...
  18. Re: Lost my supply for my 5mo old. Desperate, please help!

    Are you using the Hygeia horns? I had a huge drop in supply using the ones they sent and switched to my Medela flanges (in the same size), and everything improved quickly. Another mom on here said...
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    Re: clawing

    My baby seems to have sharp nails no matter how often I trim them -- I call them his claws. And he has been digging into me and scratching me for a long time. I do not remember this with my...
  20. Re: Ideas for adding in pump time at home?

    Based on what you're saying about your afternoons and your commute, I would recommend trying this. I thought it was a crazy idea with my first and didn't bother with it, but knew I had to do it with...
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    Re: How to relax for let-down?

    Are you using the same pump at work and at home? I've never had a letdown issue, but I still try to make the room as comfortable as possible. We have two big overhead lights, but I only turn on...
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    Re: im hungry all the time

    I was hungry all the time with both kids. Still am to a degree but not as bad. Oh, and I am one of the lucky people who can't lose weight while breastfeeding so it stresses me out. But yes, I would...
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    Re: going back to work and logistics

    Not sure where in NOVA you are but I rented a pump from an IBCLC in Nokesville or Catlett or somewhere in that area. It was a bit cheaper than the local hospital. If you're near there let me know...
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    Re: pumping while driving?

    I think all you need is a car adapter for the pump and a cover and you should be set. I pump on my 30-minute commute to work in the mornings. Is it safe? Can't say. It feels a little distracting but...
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    Re: Need help with pacifier weaning

    I always like to attribute funny thoughts to my son since he doesn't talk yet (well, "No" and "Yeah!") but I've said that when he's crying from hurting and I try to nurse him, he seems like he's...
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