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  1. Re: Un pecho seco y el otro lleno de leche!?

    Primero que nada, una pregunta: que te hace pensar que no produces en un pecho? Llega un momento en que tu cuerpo se ajusta a la demanda de tu bebe, y produces solo lo necesario para ahorrar energia....
  2. Re: Pump only expressing milk during simulation

    How long do you leave the pump on in the expression stage? Sometimes I had to pump for over 30 min to get two good letdowns, and I had it set on a medium-low suction level. My boobs didn't like a...
  3. Re: Mi hijo mama muchisimo! y sigue con hambre, mamá primeri

    Hola ichacarriel!

    Tu situacion se parece mucho a por lo que yo pase cuando mi nena estaba recien nacida. Yo fui a una consulta de LLLI porque no sabia que hacer y alli me ayudaron mucho. Tienes...
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    Re: Too late to increase supply???

    Just to add to what @maddieb mentioned on food.
    Foods that helped me increase supply: pearl barley and oatmeal.

    My mom made me some sort of barley milkshake and I drank one glass every day. It...
  5. Re: so sore after only 5 days what do I do?

    Hey there!
    Nothing to add to the advice above, all great, and based on my experience, yes, it is probably bad latch.
    I just wanted to give you a little tip that helped me ease the pain and heal...
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    Re: Diarrhea and first period?


    Not really, no I didn't find out what it was. But I'd agree with the information that other mamas provided here. I don't think it was the breastmilk. At this point she was eating different...
  7. Re: Overwhelmed and tired. I need to wean

    Thanks y'all
    I'm not pregnant... I actually took a preg test recently cause I was late on my period.
    I guess it's just thinking about how much I don't like nursing now that makes feelings or...
  8. Overwhelmed and tired. I need to wean

    Hey ladies.

    It's been a while since I've posted here, we've been busy... But now I've reached a point where I'm just done with nursing.

    My DD is 20 mo and she still asks to nurse at night...
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    Re: Problema con lactancia

    :ita con isabelofmtl

    Es difícil, pero quien dijo que ser padres era fácil? Lo qué me ayudo a mi a continuar fue pensar en los beneficios a largo plazo para el bebe y para ti. Además de la plata...
  10. Re: 18mo wants to be attached to breast ALL NIGHT LONG! So T

    Just an update -
    We tried side-laying last night for bedtime. She fussed for a little while because she didn't know what to do, but I lead her and she got it (I think). Less fussing during the...
  11. Re: 18mo wants to be attached to breast ALL NIGHT LONG! So T

    She's been an early teether, so maybe the 2yr molars. I need to check her mouth I guess :lol

    Hmm... see, that's why I love this forum so much. I never thought about trying the new position for...
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    Re: un año!!!!!


    Yo ya llevo 18 meses, y nunca pense que pasaria de los primeros dias... vale la pena!
  13. Re: ayuda!!! intolerancia a la lactosa

    Hola ana.karina

    Estoy totalmente en desacuerdo con tu pediatra y con tu esposo... lo siento, pero es mi opinion.

    En primer lugar, los bebes son intolerantes a la proteina de la leche, no a la...
  14. 18mo wants to be attached to breast ALL NIGHT LONG! So Tired

    Hello ladies

    It's been a while since I posted here. Last time I was looking for ideas to wean, but after trying, and dealing with a very upset baby and husband, I decided it was not worth it, and...
  15. Re: Nursing beyond 12 months online survey-please participat

    Is still open!! I just completed it
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    Re: Slow pump weaning?

    I pump-weaned a couple of weeks after my DD turned one. She's 17 mo now and she still nurses at night (many times!) and also when I am at home for nap time.

    She is definetely not ready for...
  17. Re: 16 mo wakings, exausted again... How do I night wean?

    Thanks Kimberly

    I stopped trying to wean, I just can't stand hearing my baby cry, not even a little bit. Sometimes she just unlatches herself, still awake and then we fall into a roll, sit up,...
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    Re: I am new!

    :ita with @still.here

    I pump-weaned my now almost-to-be 17 mo, and we still nurse at night and weekends for naptime since I am away all week during the day at work. It has to be gradual though......
  19. Re: 16 mo wakings, exausted again... How do I night wean?

    Joshuas.mommy - We're cool ;)

    We're still figuring out what and how to do it gently... so... we'll see. Thanks for the link @isabelofmtl!
  20. Re: Bebé 8 meses y medio e incorporación al trabajo

    El que yo use es marca Medela. No se en dónde vives, pero hay muchos países donde el departamento de salud o tu grupo local de LLLI pueden ayudarte a conseguir uno o a rentar a precios accesibles.
  21. Re: Bebé 8 meses y medio e incorporación al trabajo

    Generalmente tu pecho se adapta. Pero todo depende. Pareciera que tu producción esta alta todavía por la demanda de tu nene. Si te dejas de sacar leche, eso no significa que tu nene no demande en...
  22. Re: 16 mo wakings, exausted again... How do I night wean?

    Thanks! Yes, I know night weaning won't necessarily make my DD sleep better. It's more about my feelings about nursing at this point than a STTN issue. I am exhausted though.

    Last night she woke...
  23. 16 mo wakings, exausted again... How do I night wean?

    Hello ladies

    It's been a while since I've posted in the forum, we've been doing great so far. We are just nursing at night.

    However, the past 2 or 3 weeks she's been waking so much at night. it...
  24. Re: Awakes coughing and drowning in snot while night nursing

    We've used saline solution a lot, but the kind that is just for babies (no medicated groun up stuff, since it can have side effects).

    And yes, we basically sprayed it directly into each nostril,...
  25. Re: Bebé 8 meses y medio e incorporación al trabajo

    Hola @vikinga, bienvenida!

    Mi primera pregunta es, que tipo de sacaleches tienes? Al principio, cuando ni sabia de la existencia de este foro, tenia uno simple y la verdad fue de terror... hasta...
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