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    Re: Hunger cues

    I'm having a hard time with this one now too! Up until last week she would stick her tongue out and make sucking noises when she was hungry. Now that she's discovered she can suck her hands/thumb...
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    Re: Problem with milk supply

    You sound like you're going through what I recently did, and it took me until about week 9 to finally get a good supply established. Keep the formula as limited as you possibly can - like PP have...
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    Re: newborn - no poop since meconium

    My LO isn't much of a pooper either - once a week or so! But when she goes, look out! LOL Glad you got a couple poopies this week & hope it keeps "going" smoothly ... :gvibes
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    Re: New Mom Questions/ Challenges

    Are you doing single side feedings? You could have a lot of foremilk which is higher in lactose - I had this issue and by feeding one breast per feeding it did reduce somewhat. My LO improved...
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    Re: Just can't produce milk?

    I thought I was having this issue too, but it turns out I just don't pump worth a darn either! She gets MUCH more from the breast than any pump can. You may want to look into taking Fenugreek...
  6. Re: Weird sudden change in bowel movement

    No advice, but I'm glad to hear mine isn't the only one that only goes once a week or so! Hope her tushie feels better soon ...
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    Re: White nodule/blister on nipple

    It sounds like you may not quite have a good latch - the blister could be from her not having enough of the nipple in her mouth. Make sure her mouth is open good & wide before you put her on, and...
  8. Re: Feeding Frequency for 11 week old?

    She does seem to be content - I'll try latching her on if I get worried that it's been too long and after a few minutes she'll pull off or start smiling & playing. It seems to have happened in the...
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    Re: ouch

    That's too funny! I too am trying to tease out a laugh with no luck ... maybe next time I get the "clamp" I'll try your approach ... LOL! :lol
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    Re: How much sleep?

    If weight gain is good, I say enjoy your rest! My 11 weeker is still up 2 - 3 times a night and I am sooooooo exhausted (and now very jealous of you - LOL!) Better yet, tell me your secret!
  11. Feeding Frequency for 11 week old?

    My 11 week old has gone from nursing every 2 hours for 40 minutes to every 3-4 hours for 20 minutes. We haven't had a weight check recently but she still seems to be gaining, but I'm nervous due to...
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