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    Re: Don't want to give up...


    Ok this article may be a little off topic but maybe you'd feel better hearing it's ok...
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    Re: Don't want to give up...


    The newborn period is one of the most difficult experience I've even been through. Especially in our society the demands of a young baby is...
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    Re: how you all do it!?


    Bedsharing. I've shared my bed with both my boys from day 1 but my oldest had me nurse him in the rocking chair instead of side lying. It's so exhausting to get up over...
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    Re: Kombucha

    It's safe. No need to pump and dump.
  5. Re: Feeding takes forever - need advice

    Ok ignore the sales pitch if you want but a review of this product enlightened me to the fact that squatting while having a bowel...
  6. Re: Doctors suggest I STOP breastfeeding my 3 month old

    From a mother who had two babies with true dairy sensitivities I think you are doing great! Give your self a giant hug! It's so very hard to figure this stuff out. My boys had many other symptoms...
  7. Re: Vent about annoying nursing habits


    My youngest is typically sweeter by nature than his older brother but he's much harder to discipline on...
  8. Re: 15 mo old wanting to nurse to sleep

    Oh goodness. If it's the same bug my family had a few weeks ago, I really don't blame you for feeling done! It was wicked. Never before had I let baby cry with daddy while I was still home but that...
  9. Re: Is This Still Considered Nursing on Cue?

    Yes, I consider it nursing on cue with boundaries. You're not scheduling the baby's meals but nursing at the first possible opportunity after his cue. The beautiful thing about nursing a toddler is...
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    Re: Weaning before i want to :(

    My experience with pain while nursing during pregnancy was it was worst in the first trimester, absent during the second, and returned mildly in the last weeks. My son wasolder at the time so it was...
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    Re: 27 month old only weighs 23.5 lbs

    I have a very big four year old son, as in over the 90% in both height and weight. As he entered toddler hood, he stopped growing so evenly. He'll gain a few ounces only for months, then suddenly...
  12. Re: 2nd Baby and High needs? Advice please!!!

    Hi mama. Congrats on your new baby! Parenting two was so completely overwhelming for me. I figured it would be a cakewalk considering all I'd been through with my oldest (he is the high needs one),...
  13. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    When your son snuggles up to you, asks for a kiss, and promptly throws up in your mouth. Your first thought is ' thank goodness he's only had milk this morning. That didn't taste half bad!' Ewww mom...
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    Re: Unsure of supply

    Kudos to persevering with nursing through all your troubles! I'm glad the surgery went well. It must be very hard to relax and follow baby's cues after so many issues. So you've got a scale at home...
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    Re: im hungry all the time

    At two months pp I was eating: breakfast, brunch, lunch, supper, dinner, bedtime snack, and midnight snack plus extra snacks when needed. Usually only dinner was a huge meal (like three times what my...
  16. Re: Pregnant and weaning - Question about nutrition for baby

    Congrats! The pp is right. You can skip the formula and gostraight to whole milk or a variety of alternative milks (coconut, hemp, flax etc). I love Dr Sears The healthiest kid in the neighborhood ...
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    Re: weaning after 3 years

    At this age I feel our children are old enough to understand and empathize with the fact that mommy does not always want to nurse. Boundaries and the (gentle) discipline that comes with them are a...
  18. Re: A Ton Visitors during the Newborn Period

    With my first a lack of knowledge and confidence, coupled with the stress of visitors, led to early breastfeeding struggles. I didn't mind the people really but was shy about trying to get my...
  19. Re: 12 month old wakes frequently, nurses for hours


    How would you feel about trying a dairy free diet for a few weeks? If it doesn't improve at all in a week, that's likely not the cause....
  20. Re: Period kills supply- dr recommends reglan?

    I've had huge success with a magnesium supplement for monthly dips in supply. KellyMom recommends a calcium/magnesium supplement combination but I use magnesium oil (magnesium chloride flakes...
  21. Re: 15 month old will only nurse to sleep- Help!


    How do you feel about a don't borrow trouble from the future approach? Many moms have taken...
  22. Re: Help! Pumping for a preemie & slept through 2 night sess

    Hi mama. Congrats on your new baby! What a stressful situation! A baby rarely feeds on a strict schedule. If you need extra sleep, could you work out a different pumping schedule with your lc so that...
  23. Re: Help with breastfeeding and sleeping through the night


    Ignore the article itself as waiting it out isn't for you right now but check out the book recommendations and link at the bottom. The...
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    Re: Breastfeeding all night! Help!

    Your situation sounds very similar to the issues I had with my children. Has anyone suggested cutting dairy out of your diet?...
  25. Re: 9 Hours of Sleep??, Supply, Dream Feeds


    IME this is an age where many babies are just a little bit disinterested in breastfeeding. My little one is also...
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