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  1. Pumping for a 10 month old

    Good Morning! Sorry if this question has been asked. I'm pressed for time and can't search through posts at the moment. I work Tues-Fri, ten hour days. I am away from my baby for 11 hours. I...
  2. To Mamas of Infrequent Poopers

    Hello! My baby is currently 7 ½ months old. We started solids right around 6 months. When he was breastfeeding only, prior to 6 months, he had a bowel movement every 5-10 days or so. After...
  3. 7 weeks old and sleeping through the night


    I have a 7 week old nursing baby who slept through the night last night. He slept from 9:30 pm to about 5:30 am. He typically sleeps 3-5 hours at night, even while co-sleeping. This does...
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