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    Re: Getting DH "on board"

    As I am still nursing DD2 who is a few days shy of 2.5yrs old - My DH was a little weary of extended nursing after we got past a year mark but as time went on he saw the benefits to DD2 and it just...
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    Re: So...how often does your toddler nurse?

    My DD2 is almost 21 months and up until about 4-6 weeks ago I felt like she was also nursing at about the same rate as your LO -

    The all of a sudden she really cut down during the day. (still a...
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    Re: I'm eliminating dairy

    I also agree that you could notice a difference quickly. :ita
    Within a few hours after I had dairy it was clear that my DD2 was bothered by it. Whenever I had milk she was definitely fussier and...
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    Re: heartbroken at dentist


    I am sorry that this happened to you. It seems like a common theme, though. I posted a thread in this area (breastfeeding beyond one) not so long about about how much to actually worry...
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    Re: Is night feedings ok at 14months??

    My DD2 is almost 18 months and nurses a few times in the night - depending on the night. Like the others said... if it works for you then it is great.

    People do not understand that most nights...
  6. Re: Nursing from only one side at a time, good or bad??

    I almost always nurse my kids one side at a time. It just how it worked out (not enough supply has never been my issue!) If I remember correctly, I only switched sides on a regular basis for the...
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    Re: How much to worry about dental decay??

    Thanks everyone - the more that I have talked to other BFing moms and all of your replies I really think this dentist has not educated himself in this area. I also do think that genetics do play a...
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    Re: How much to worry about dental decay??

    Thanks for the input.

    I really am not so worried about decay for my DD2. I just could not believe how the dentist went on and on about it when he never even saw her. We are very big believers in...
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    How much to worry about dental decay??

    I just spent a frustrating few hours at the dentist this morning for myself and to take my DD1 for her first dental check up. :banghead At the end of her appointment I tried to ask the dentist a...
  10. Re: My niece's in-laws won't leave her alone to nurse

    Congrats on the new addition! The situation with the in-laws can be very difficult and delicate. My MIL and step-FIL came to stay with us right after I got home from the hospital with my first and...
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    Re: Question for the cosleepers

    At our house we do sort of a mixed bag - with both DDs they were in our room somewhere between the first 3-4 months. DD1 did not mind the bassinet next to the bed but DD2 was never a fan. DD1 was...
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    Re: How to get more food into ME?

    I always find that if I have foods prepared ahead of time I will go for those instead of snack foods. Would having little containers of fruit or veggies (like already cut up melon) ready to...
  13. Re: Why didn't anyone tell me the first time -

    Great thread! I just love it when I sit down and grab the bobby pillow how my 17 month old laughs and giggles for joy! Everyone knows what she is so happy about.
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    Poll: Re: How long did you BF??????

    With my first DD she was weaned at 14 months (I was pregnant and feeling beyond awful with nausea, throwing up constantly and very tired). She walked at 13 months.

    With DD2 she is now 17 months...
  15. Re: nipples sore and cracking from nursing 11mth old with teeth!

    Ouch! I sometimes have the problem with my 16 month's old's teeth digging into me. She has a strong latch. When those chompers dig into me it can really hurt! Is that what is happening? I will...
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    Re: smell in urine - think teeth

    Is he running a fever? When my DD2 was 10 months old her urine started to smell much stronger then usual. She was also running an on and off again fever for several days. It turned out to be a...
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    Re: Would you give up nursing if...

    As I read this thread it really makes me sad to see someone having such a hard time in this manner. But I am also alarmed at how controlling DH seems to be. IMO, He really seems to be hiding his...
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