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    Re: Shaming comment directed at DS

    Yes, that is so true. We really shouldn't have to justify breastfeeding at all. Hope your parents can start to accept the relationship between you and your son as just that! Between you and him,and...
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    Re: another question about water

    Breastmilk does quench thirst and he would probably be absolutely fine with just BM, you might find he is nursing more often with the heat though, (I raised 3 exclusively breastfed babies in...
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    Re: Gaining to fast?

    As far as big weight gains go, then no, that's not overfeeding, just a wonderfully healthy bub.

    I do however believe you can overfeed a breastfed baby, but it has to do with projectile vomiting...
  4. Re: Beautiful article about breastfeeding acceptance

    I fed my first son for a long time, so I think I may have been Mongolian in a previous life :)
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    Re: he refuses one of my breasts

    Ah yes, that fits with how my second son was. (I only realised he suffered from LO AFTER that fact unfortunately!)
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    Re: Holy Hannah! Sore nipples!!

    My first thought was thrush as well. I've never experienced it myself, so I'm not totally sure of the exact symptoms, white spots in bubs mouth sometimes I believe...
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    Re: he refuses one of my breasts

    I just had a quick thought, could lactose overload be an issue here, and could block feeding possibly help?
  8. Re: Beautiful article about breastfeeding acceptance

    Haha yes, that was so funny! And Grandad getting in on the act! Amazing attitude :)
  9. Beautiful article about breastfeeding acceptance

    Breastfeeding in Mongolia - a whole different cultural attitude.

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    Re: Pumping diminish supply?

    I can't imagine your supply will be irreparably damaged by one day! It's all supply and demand, when your bub is nursing once more, things will get back to normal quite quickly if your supply has...
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    Re: I need sleep

    Have you read "The no cry sleep solution" By Elizabeth Pantley? She has some good ideas.
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    Re: achy breast, need help asap!

    Congratulations on your twins!! Thats an awesome accomplishment breastfeeding them both :)

    Whenever I got that bruised feeling, I would start to massage it towards the nipple, just in case there...
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    Re: Formula for one night?

    If I were in your position, I would definitely use formula for one night, after the breast milk had been used up. There should be no guilt here, baby needs food, the most important thing is that he...
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    Re: The Apex of Distraction

    I never kept my boys at the breast whenever they were like this, I felt they probably weren't actually hungry, more like nursing for a bit of comfort or mummy time in between other more inportant...
  15. Re: can continous nursing hurt my nipples?

    Nursing on demand is optimal for babies health, trust your bub, they know when they need feeding, and demand feeding will also help to keep your supply of milk at it's peak.

    I did used to get sore...
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    Re: weaning to get pregnant??

    I agree with pp. P

    Perhaps just start ttc, and see how you go for a few months before you think about weaning, I managed to get pregnant twice while breastfeeding, so it definitely is possible.
  17. Re: Association 'tween total duration of BF and Iron Deficie

    Thanks for that. Very interesting, and relieving!! :)
  18. Re: Association 'tween total duration of BF and Iron Deficie

    The relationship between total breastfeeding duration and iron deficiency anemia did not meet statistical significance.

    This was part of the result, so does that mean that the study actually did...
  19. Re: Association 'tween total duration of BF and Iron Deficie

    I agree the small exerpt is quite frustrating, as it does not give a conclusion. I think from memory it said something about iron decreasing a certain amount for every extra month breastfed.

  20. Association 'tween total duration of BF and Iron Deficiency

    Stumbled across this, and didn't really know what to make of it!! Was wondering what you people thought, and if you knew what the cause could be.
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    Re: Cosleeping and Breastfeeding

    So funny, I never knew about milk supply and co-sleeping, I've co-slept with all 3 kids, and breastfed them :) (Never had supply problems either!)
  22. Re: I gave up for a week and now I'm regretting it :( can I

    Perhaps an SNS (supplemental nursing system) could be of help? Formula or expressed milk is in a pouch, and a thin tube is taped to the breast at the nipple, so when bub sucks, they get the...
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