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    Help! Sore nipple at 7 weeks??

    MY DS must have had a latch problem one night while we slept because today I have a sore nipple with missing skin on it.... :eek:

    How do I heal it and fast? My DS loves this side and frankly we...
  2. Re: How do YOU handle not having support? -- A bit depressed...

    (((HUG))) Sometimes I wish people in our families would stop trying to help us dont you??

    Im not as into relactating as you are (my DS is one month old and I FF him for 2 weeks) and I admire...
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    4 week old -- super fussy...

    I have been BFing my 4 week old since birth with an occasional bottle at night. The last week or so he has been SUPER fussy at night time and I cant g=figure out what the problem is... He does seem...
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    Could this be engorgement?!

    HI everyone. Im new here and to breastfeeding. I had a baby 15 days ago and up to this point nursing has been fairly easy. But last night and this morning I noticed that my right breast feels...
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