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    Re: 1st Time Mommy~Worried

    Thanks for your responses ladies. I am ok with Jayden not wanting to nurse at night and accept that as a change. However what I am not so sure about is how he has gone from 2-3 hours between nursing...
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    1st Time Mommy~Worried...pls advise

    Hello Mommas :hello My DS :love who is 12 weeks old has transitioned to nursing 2-3 hrs at a time. However, for the last two days he has gone almost 6 hours :yikes between feedings and shows no...
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    Re: pulling at the nipple?

    Hello Pixiepurls :) Some advice I've gotten is that it may be due to over active let down. Please see my post "Begging for advice or just someone to relate" to view what other mommies have said....
  4. Re: Begging for Advice or Just Someone to Relate

    Rorysmom-THANK YOU!! :hug I am so glad to hear that this may just be a phase for us and I will start trying to read his hunger cues better and feed him while he's still a little sleepy. It means so...
  5. Re: Begging for Advice or Just Someone to Relate

    Thank you ShilohsMom for your response! (BTW Shiloh is adorable!):) I'm still on leave so I don't pump very often, maybe once a week or so to give Jayden practice w/ a bottle. I've been pretty good...
  6. Begging for Advice or Just Someone to Relate

    Hello Mommies :hello
    I am a first time mom to a beautiful 2 month old boy named Jayden.:love In the beginning bf was challenging and wondered how long I could keep up w/ it but we eventually...
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