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    Re: It's official, he is weaning himself!

    My daughter isexcatly the same way. She is now nine months but she would only eat at night from five or six months on. I was like youwith no sleep and though my bg was just not interested in me...
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    Re: blocked duct....

    Sounds like what I have had twice now. With shaking flu like symptons and redness...it sounds like mastitis. There are many different schools of thought on this one as far as medication. My lactation...
  3. Re: How long does your baby breastfeed???

    Yeah, her diapers are fine. She is just so fast and has always been this way. I just cant get used to the her waiting five hours between nursing and then only eating for five minutes total! No...
  4. How long does your baby breastfeed???

    I have an (almost) seven month old and feeding her has always been a bit of a struggle but we have never supplemented and she is growing just fine...so I guess I shouldnt be worried.

    The problem...
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    Re: Bleeding While BFing?

    I had the exact same problem. Wefound out that my baby girl was allergic to cows milk protien. I went off all dairy and eggs for two weeks and there was no more blood. I was able to add eggs after...
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