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    Re: Upper Lip Tie/ Labial Frenulum

    She gained 4oz with donor milk in a week. She then began refusing the supplements and fighting them. So i relcutantly stopped them. We just had a weight check on tuesday and she had gained 11oz in 2...
  2. Re: 9 month old only breast feeding 3 x's a day

    Solids should never replace breastmilk in the first year of life. Absolutely no solids unless baby has nurse immediately before. If baby doesn't nurse baby doesn't get solids.
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    Re: Not taking enough at daycare?

    It can be normal to eat small amounts. Some kids don't eat at all. Its called reverse cycling.
    My 10mo will has never taken milk or solids while away from me and i've been gone up to 6hrs
  4. Re: Questions about weaning and co sleeping

    Family always has an excuse. They are to big to BF they are to little BM isn't enough!!
    Your doing great! Growth spurts (the constant nursing) is needed to adjust your milk composition to meet...
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    Re: Night nursing at 7.5 months

    Well at nine months we've improved and only up 5ish times a night :)
    I feel you with the small bed. Me, dh and Dd2 share a full/queen and occasionally DD1 climbs in as well. Its AWFUL!!!!!
  6. Re: struggling to nurse 8 mo old while pregnant

    Constipation can be a sign of not being ready for solids yet. How much solids is he having? How many wet diapers in 24hrs? Other then the 4oz of juice a day is he getting water?
    Talk more about the...
  7. Re: 9 month old won't take bottle or sippy!

    I would abandon the bottle at this age.
    Just put a sippy cup with water on her tray while shes eating. She'll play with it for now but eventually she'll understand.
    IF you had to leave her in an...
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    Re: Stopped Gaining Weight

    Weight gain is above normal.
    Baby is expected to gain on average a pound a month from the LOWEST (not birth weight) assuming his lowest weight was around 8lbs i'd only expect him to weigh about...
  9. Re: ffld and how to get LO to take more milk at a feeding?

    For the forceful letdown you need to have baby on top for all feedings. You can lay down or sit reclined. You can also try sidelying. If the symptoms don't improve try taking her off when you let...
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    Re: Bad latch

    His growth looks outstanding. Matter of fact a little to outstanding. Any chance there is an oversupply and/or overactive letdown? That can cause alot of what your seeing. Check out this article,...
  11. Re: Breastfeeding with first period...Help needed!

    I agree with PP just continue to nurse on demand.
  12. Re: Nursing strike at 9 months. Advice please.

    What would he do if you just didn't allow any solids or alternate sources of nutrition other then directly from the breats for a set amount of time. I would try 8hrs from when he wakes.
    Have you...
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    Re: Cereal before 6 months?

    No need for infant cereals. And they are actually pretty junky. Your diong great sounds like baby is to. Keep up the good work mama!!!
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    Re: Should I worry? Weight dropping

    His weight is more then expected! Average weight gain of 1lb a month from LOWEST(not birth) weight. Assuming lowest weight was around 7lbs hes gained 5lbs(5months worth of gain) in only 4months. Most...
  15. Re: Baby prefering bottle over me. What should I do?

    I agree that i'm confused by the goals.
    Its very common to have a great pump output at this age but for many women the pumping output decreases overtimes. Offering bottles in a growth spurt makes...
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    Re: Upper Lip Tie/ Labial Frenulum

    I have a 9mo who was having poor weight gain. Actually we were to the point of weight loss, muscle mass loss, milestone regressions, and increasing lethargy, nursing more then 35 times a day....
  17. Re: Doing something strange with mouth

    I agree with the PP. teething can often cause those kind of behaviors. Address the teething prior to nursing.
    Teething tablets, cold carrots, wooden teething toys, frozen/col knotted washcloths,...
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    Re: Problems pumping and nursing

    Your supply is regualting which is normal. 2 jars of solids seems high for a 7 month old. I would continue to send as much as you pump and solids and letting her make up for it while your together. ...
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    Re: Clamping down and Biting

    Any chance hes teething? I would be very vigilant about watching for cues that he is done nursing and taking him off before he can do that.
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    Re: Failure to Thrive??

    Bump for update (a couple years later lol)
  21. Re: Lost it at ped's office, totally upset & need support

    Sorry you had such a bad visit. That can be so frustrating. I can completely relate! I had several of those style of visits with several Drs over the years. Its unfortunate how uneducated...
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    Re: Weight Update

    Thanks guys! Its my second child and i'm made to feel like i don't know what i'm doing. :shrug I do hope everything is fine. I really appreciate all the support from you guys :hug
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    Re: Weight Update

    Sorry it took a little while to answer you guys back, I didn't have access to my internet! :( Neither dad nor I are tall or small both average. 5'5" 135lb-me 5'8" 220lb-hubby. Our oldest was small...
  24. Re: 4 months old baby cries while nursing

    Is pregnancy a possibility or return of your period? My daughter got very fussy at the breast about 9ish months and it was my first little 3 day period but the hormone changed the breastmilk enough...
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    Re: Feeling like a failure - any ideas?

    BF babies only need 1-1.25oz per hour. So if the last time you nursed him was at 5 and then he goes to bed at 7 he only needs a 2oz-2.5oz bottle. Never anything more then 4oz they will always overeat...
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