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  1. Re: What happens when we wean completely?

    I'm happy to report that skipping our morning session this morning couldn't have been easier. I gave him a cup of milk, which he sucked down super fast and then went about playing. Yay! :gvibes
  2. Re: What happens when we wean completely?

    Thanks, ladies. I don't think my intention is to wean completely in the next two weeks, but definitely to be done with the morning session. Connor and I are both not terribly good about waking in...
  3. What happens when we wean completely?

    So, I'm ready. Couldn't be more there. Connor is almost 21 months and I start working full time in just two weeks. We successfully started the weaning process about two months ago when I took him...
  4. Re: I want to wean, but I don't hink my son does...

    Thanks for your replies. I'll have to see if our library has that book, Molly. I have The Breastfeeding Book, but need to dig it out and see what it says.
    I wasn't sure if it was a good idea to...
  5. I want to wean, but I don't hink my son does...

    Tomorrow Connor turns 18 months, which is my goal age for breastfeeding. However, that's not really the reason I wish to wean. I cannot seem to drop the last 10 lbs of my pregnancy weight and lend...
  6. Re: Still breastfeeding, but how much is too much solids?

    Thanks! I'm still gonna check with the doc at his 15 month, but its good to know other kids out there eat quite a bit too!
  7. Still breastfeeding, but how much is too much solids?

    My son is 14 months and still asks to breastfeed about 5 times a day, though all but one or two are usually no longer than 5 minutes in length. He eats solids like a fiend though. I would expect...
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    Re: Sick daddy

    My hubby had a horrid stomach flu last November (on my birthday, grrr!). Connor was about 8 months old and it didn't affect him at all. I didn't get it either, but I'm immune to it for some reason...
  9. Re: Does a 12/24mo old really "need" whole milk?

    I agree, they don't *need* the milk, but its an option because they do need calcium. I'm going to introduce whole milk here soon, but not because my ped told me to. In fact, she didn't tell me to,...
  10. Introducing cow's milk without weaning

    I don't want to wean, but after nearly 13 months of nursing I wouldn't mind if there was a "substitute" available when I'm away from Connor. Pumping a "bottle" (or now, sippy cup) is a gigantic...
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    Re: solids: to season or not to season...

    There was a recent thread around here somewhere about seasonings. There are lots of options that I highly recommend. Mrs. Dash and McCormick's similar products are all salt free. I also use herbs...
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    Re: Gross -- but I have a question??

    Very normal. My son loves golden raisins... you get the idea!
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    Re: Is it a reaction to strawberries?

    Thanks for the response. His eczema isn't worse, just in a different place than the last time he had some. Last night I was leaning towards a reaction, but today less so. Any other thoughts?
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    Is it a reaction to strawberries?

    Just wanting to get some opinions here...
    Connor has never had a reaction to anything he's eaten (he' nearly 13 months). He does have sensitive skin (gets that from his mother :o ), and is prone to...
  15. Re: Salt? Should it be used in baby's food?

    I use tons of seasoning in Connor's food. On his green beans he loves Lemon Pepper. I put garlic powder on broccoli. He's all over stir-fry right now. I buy a veggie mix at Trader Joe's...
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    Re: Boppy pillow

    I have to agree with Aiden's mommy- skip the Boppy altogether. My Brest Friend is so much better. Every LC I've ever come across and any breastfeeding store I've ever been in has agreed :ita . ...
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    Re: Not gaining weight

    I wanted to add that if you're comfortable with it, not to worry. My son was 8 lbs 10 oz at birth and by six months was exactly 18 lbs- he was usually in the 90-95% on the charts back then. At 9...
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    Re: what if we know he's not allergic

    I would still introduce foods slowly following the 3-5 day rule. An allergic reaction isn't really the only thing you're looking for. A particular food may make him gassy and uncomfortable or could...
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    How long to observe 3-5 day rule?

    How long should we observe the 3-5 days between new foods rule? We've never had an adverse reaction to anything and some days Connor is so interested in new foods (staring longingly at what we're...
  20. Re: Does everyone wear some time of nursing pad?

    I stopped wearing pads around 2.5 months (I used disposable lansinoh and lily padz). I had maybe a small handful of leaks between then and 4 months (but I'm a SAHM so who cares?!) and haven't...
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    Re: Diaper suggestions?

    I find that there is no diaper that always holds in these leaks- but they do taper off after several months. I used Pampers swaddlers and then cruisers through most of this time. However, cloth...
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    Re: Inlaws and what's best for my DD

    There are many links and discussions regarding this topic in the Starting Solids forum. But in a nutshell, baby cereal is so highly processed that most nutritional content that was once present in...
  23. Re: Doing baby-led but lo doesn't eat much

    You're doing fine- you're a month ahead of us. My son wouldn't even put stuff in his mouth until 8.5 months!
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    Re: Mesh Feeders

    We got major thumbs down on the feeder from our son. The only thing we've really used it for was to put ice cubes in when he was teething or a couple times when he fell and hit his mouth (inevitable...
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    Re: Starting sweet foods later?

    Although it seems logical that starting with sweeter foods first might make babies acquire a sweet tooth, I've also heard that this is a myth. The first food my son would eat was butternut squash,...
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