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  1. Re: Bad Breastfeeding Breasts according to the lactation consultant....

    cant emphasized more,but pls,find another LC..inverted nipple just cause a challenging moment for u n ur baby,but nothing is impossible to breastfeed ur baby... the inverted nipple will be just fine...
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    Re: Too much milk & blocked duct!

    i know how it feels...miserable...

    good luck :-)
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    Re: Rules of Engorgement

    i also experience engorged with my #1 son..i did the same thing as llli bee,having my hot shower n do massage as much as i can.i do put a hot towel on my breast..and also the cabbage leaves to the...
  4. Re: Determined to breastfeed only Please help!!

    hi moms..congrate for ur determination to bf ur baby :hug
    rules of thumb to making more milk is actually frequently direct bf ur baby..n also maintain ur pumping session,after his...
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    Re: Breastfed baby not gaining weight

    maybe ur baby hasnt get the hindmilk..observe the output (wet diapers) if the output is just normal as it suppose to be (as fully bf baby),then i think u should work on how to give ur baby the...
  6. Re: 4.5 mo frequent feeds / slow gain advice pls

    :ita yes its true..u may need to consult ur LC..normally,when healthy fully BF baby (u can tell by their output) is not gaining their weight well,1 of the reason is they dont get enough fat from our...
  7. Re: 4.5 mo frequent feeds / slow gain advice pls

    dear ILove.MyJammies,
    it is true that maternal diet does not affect the total amount of fat in human milk,however the types of fat in the mothers diet influence the composition of fatty acids in her...
  8. Re: Aargh...baby not gaining enough weight! Please help!

    hi all..
    i would like to share some info that i know on how to deal with slow weight gainer's baby..do u know that,fat concentration is higher in breastmilk when our breast is half empty..but lower...
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    Re: pacifier for breast feed baby

    yes..i absolutely agree..pls,nvr use pacifier to ur newborn..it may cause the nipple confusion..6 weeks old, is too early to let her/him away from ur breast..its just normal for ur newborn to be @ ur...
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    Re: 1 working breast

    i have a friend who facing the same problem like u..but,the miracle part is,she can produce 5ozand sometimes more than that from just 1 breast !!!,that kind of amount of milk,i need to pump from...
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    Re: Low Supply

    i used to face d same problem with my #1 son..but i just feed him normally (on his demand)..in fact i started using pump when he was 1 month old.. before that,i just BF him when he want..
    maybe,u r...
  12. Re: New Womanly Art of Breastfeeding Coming July 2010

    o oh,ok..thanks.. :D
  13. Re: New Womanly Art of Breastfeeding Coming July 2010

    hi..i accidently bought the 7th edition of this book (womanly art of breastfeeding)..it is just the same? or in 8th ed. got more additional info? if yes,then i might consider to buy the latest... :cry
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