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  1. Re: Help - need some advice about breastfeeding prem baby

    My 33 weeker needed bottle feeding for probably 9-10 weeks until he was strong enough to nurse for the whole feeding. As long as he's nursing for part of a feeding, you're doing fine. He'll get...
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    Re: Pumping for Prem baby

    My first baby was a 33 weeker, and I had some of the same problems. I wouldn't take any meds without the NICU dr. and your LC both agreeing. Once your baby is nursing all the time, your supply will...
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    Problems with a one year old

    My littlest boy is turning one tomorrow, and we are having some nursing problems. We've done well up until this point and I don't want to wean.

    He got his first tooth this week, which I think is...
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