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  1. Re: 1 YO Nursing 2x/day - pumping almost nothing - help!

    :clap Congratulations on making it to a year! If you'd like to continue to pump - is there any way you can 'change up' the pumping routine? Add another quick session? Pump a bit longer when you do...
  2. Re: Hating Breast Feeding Want to Quit

    Sleep is your friend. Even just allowing yourself to rest throughout the day is going to be a huge benefit.

    Know that thrush can sometimes be an 'issue' even when there isn't any obvious signs....
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    Re: I feel like giving up

    :hug I am sorry things are rough for you right now. I have a question. If youre interested in building up more supply - is it possible for you to pump while you nurse?
  4. Re: Hating Breast Feeding Want to Quit

    Thats great news to hear she is gaining well. That usually indicates her latch is efficient enough to be getting enough ;)

    Is your LC still working with you. Has she mentioned thrush as a...
  5. Re: Hating Breast Feeding Want to Quit

    I am so sorry you're having trouble. These early weeks can certainly be rough! It's good to know you've been working with a Laactation Consultant. Is she through your delivery hospital? Is she still...
  6. Re: Reduce Fever through Breastmilk?


    I'm so sorry to hear your baby isn't feeling well! The best thing you can do, as I am sure you already know, is to just continue to nurse your baby. This (non-LLL) resource also offers...
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    Re: Herbal sleep aids & BF

    I am so sorry you're not getting enough sleep as you'd like to be getting. It is indeed a 'hazzard' of mommyhood ;)

    Maybe we can help you come up with new ideas? Possibly going to bed sooner? What...
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    Re: crazy advice from ped?

    Just to add to all of the feedback you've already been given - if it's not in your plan to 'need' to give the bottle on a regular basis later there isn't a need for baby to have one at all. Many...
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    Re: My LO does not sleep!


    It is indeed well within the range one might call 'typical" to have a baby waking at those intervals during the night. Some women (as was said above) still experience that when their child...
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    Re: Big milk decrease! :(

    What can you do? You can nurse. Nurse nurse nurse. Pump pump pump.

    The more you send signals to your body that the milk is needed, the more it will make.

    Some women do find a dip in their...
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    Re: Sleeping/too attached??

    :ita that's right. Whenever a new mom asks when life will 'get back to normal' I kindly remind them 'this is your new normal baby" ;) :hug
  12. Re: Afraid I'm going to have to be done


    In addition to the great advise and informtation you've already received, I have a few questions.

    When do you have to return to work? How long will you be away from him?
  13. Re: Weaning stories for New Beginnings

    You got it :D
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    Re: Glucose

  15. Re: How to re-nightwean after nursing at night


    I am sorry your girl has been ill, but glad to hear she's "on the mend."

    Looks like you made a great choice, in the long run - for her overall health. You're probably right in that she...
  16. Re: Can baby get milk without let down?


    Sometimes baby needs a burping at this point when you see the frustrations.
    Sometimes they get impatient.
    Sometimes mom /never has or "looses" sensation of the subsequent letdowns.
  17. Re: Is my supply lower b/c I'm sick????

    Yes- your supply could drop a bit due to illness. Best way to boost it is nurse, nurse, nurse :D

    SSTN = Sleeping through the night :gvibes

    Are you pumping on a regular 'schedule'?

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    Re: doubts about BLS!

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    Re: OUCH It suddenly hurts!

    Sounds like a plan... BUT first - was there a reason you added in another session? Was it only to boost your supply? Many moms who pump regularly do find they get into a 'slump'.

    Some moms find...
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    Re: OUCH It suddenly hurts!

    I think you're on the right track... but if it is thrush, lessening the amount of pumping wouldn't help 'heal' it.

    However your idea of eliminating the 'new' session might very well be helpful is...
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    Re: OUCH It suddenly hurts!

    Many babies go through thrush "asymptomatic" that is without any symptoms and mom gets the brunt of it. Some moms also experience itching as well. Are you having any trouble with that?

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    Re: OUCH It suddenly hurts!

    They say sudden pain with nursing, after pain free period of time is often thrush.
    Can you check this out and let us know what you think :D
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    Re: What to do?

    Congratualtions :D

    When you say you don't want to pump, do you mean you would prefer not to pump at work? What about pumping at home? Some moms find they can get what they need if they pump while...
  24. Re: Mastitis and not enough milk?

    How are things going for you all today? Did you get in to see the doctor?

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    Re: Sleep issues..

    Congratulations :clap :love

    Babies, especailly new ones do have to learn how to nurse, sleep, be awake, digest food everything. It can take them some time. If you're finding your baby is a...
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