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    Re: Fast flow in evening only?

    Thanks for your reply Lyn. I have tried all of the positions with not a lot of improvement. I typically start off in a football hold and then will move into one of the positions you suggested once...
  2. Re: Going back to work - begin pumping & bottles now?

    Thanks so much for both of your insights. I agree with all of your advice. I plan on doing a few half days before my official return to work. Now all I need to do is settle on a daycare- so hard!
  3. Going back to work - begin pumping & bottles now?

    My DD was born prematurely and has taken bottles from birth and is now EBF. She still will take bottles while my husband is watching her too. I am no longer pumping as I had a huge oversupply and...
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    Fast flow in evening only?

    I have had an oversupply problem that was a result of nursing and pumping my premature daughter (11 weeks actual). Once I began demand feeding (7 weeks actual), the engorgement began and I made the...
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