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  1. Re: Introducing solids start first w for

    Thank you djs.mom! That is exactly how I feel about it!
    yoginimama, I too was formula fed and started solids early like you(I think my mom gave oatmeal) My mom says I never really slept well at all....
  2. Re: Introducing solids start first w for

    Hello yoginimama and jenna562!
    I do not want to give up breastfeeding my girls. I do think they are ready to start "playing" with solids, they are showing all the signs. My one daughter will...
  3. Introducing solids start first w formula

    I have been breastfeeding my twin girls exclusively for 5 months now. We started introducing solids with rice cereal about 4-5 weeks ago now their father wants to give them formula instead...
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