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  1. Re: How long should he be nursing at a time?

    By "longer sleep stretches" I mean "every 1.5-2 hours as opposed to every .5-1hr" He eats more at night, and sleeps less, than during the day. We're... working with that. We did try keeping him up...
  2. Re: Having trouble pumping at night

    Agree with the breast shield size thing. That made a huge difference for me, and I've been told that most people actually need the larger ones. Do you squeeze or massage while pumping or just...
  3. Re: How long should he be nursing at a time?

    Well, to be honest I do tend to "give in" pretty quickly :) Most of the time he'll go 3 hours by himself anyway, though, which is why I thought it was a good idea. And typically he doesn't get to...
  4. How long should he be nursing at a time?

    Hi all,

    Bit of a different situation here as I'm doing adoptive breast feeding (induced lactation with domperidone and pumping round the clock for over 6 months... glad that's over!). My son, who...
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    Thawed EBM

    How long can I leave pumped and formerly frozen, or thawed, breast milk out in room temperature? I have a ton in my freezer and might need a bottle late at night (duct blockage, yuck!) and was...
  6. Transporting EBM - Do I need dry ice?

    If I'm transporting EBM (150oz) for a 1-2 hr trip, do I need to put it on dry ice? Right now the milk, cooler, and regular ice are all in a deep freezer together waiting for transport tomorrow. ...
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