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  1. Follow up - do have to stop BFing for 2 weeks


    I previously posted about worries that an antibiotic I was prescribed for a breast abscess may cause digestive problems in my newborn and asked what I should do. Well my problem is even...
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    May need to suddenly stop BF - help!

    Hello! I have an almost 4 week old little boy. I've been EBF. I thought all I had to worry about was a latch problem and some plugged ducts. Then I developed mastitis which I was fine dealing with....
  3. Re: Difficult BFing experience - need help!

    Thank you for the advice. I don't know if I mentioned this in the first post but what I think he's doing is gumming my arreola with his lower jaw and then rubs my nipple with his tongue. I think his...
  4. Re: Difficult BFing experience - need help!

    I want to add the my nipple comes out with a crease vertically. More like a raised ridge. The bottom side where his Lowe jaw sits is flattened. Not like lipstick though.
  5. Difficult BFing experience - need help!

    Hello! I'm new to LLL. After consulting with several LCs I hope that real moms can give me advice. My lovely baby boy is almost 3 weeks old. We had a difficult vaginal delivery. He had a lot of heart...
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