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    different sized breasts??

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone else experience uneven milk supply. My left side makes milk like crazy and the right has always lacked. I have been breastfeeding for 11 months (currently in middle...
  2. Re: **RANT** That's it! I GIVE UP!! She can have the **ing bottle.

    Hey! Thanks for posting, your story gives me hope... I mean, at least she isn't distressed at the sight of your breast like mine is (actually it is even just pulling up my shirt that makes her cry...
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    Re: Scabbed Nipples

    Hi momma, I feel for you, those first weeks breast feeding are not easy at all. Is this your first baby? I went through tons of pain, but I promise you, it does go away and actually does feel good....
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    Youngest Introduce Cows Milk?

    Hi, my DD :love went on a nursing strike :cry 11 days ago and doesn't seem to be interested in ever returning to the breast.

    I plan to pump until she is 1 year old (so for 2 more weeks). If in...
  5. Re: Clueless, my 9 month cries out for your help =o)

    Hi! An idea for cheese that I have found to work well is to shred it, or cut a very thin slice and give it to her. I was nervous about peas and choking, but my daughter LOVES peas, in fact, right...
  6. Re: Nursing Strike - Almost ready to give up

    Thank-you very much for your response. :) I would like to get back to nursing my daughter again, very very much. I am just getting discouraged with constant rejection, no matter what I try.

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    Re: HELP!

    That must be difficult, I have wondered how hard it will be to nurse a second baby with a toddler hanging around.

    When you say that you still have 2oz of milk per breast after feeding, I am...
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    Re: Depressed about Weaning

    Hi there,

    I think it is wonderful that you enjoy such a bond with your son and he is still nursing, it is something only you and him share and others who don't nurse don't get it.

    I can tell...
  9. Re: **RANT** That's it! I GIVE UP!! She can have the **ing bottle.

    I am so sorry that she is not back to nursing, but it is encouraging that she is coming back to your breast. :gvibes I really really congratulate you for continuing to try after so long. My daughter...
  10. Nursing Strike - Almost ready to give up

    Hello all,

    I am a mother to a beautiful :love 11 month old little girl who has recently had many sicknesses that have lead to a nursing strike, today is day 9:
    1st she got a vaginal yeast...
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    Re: Pink eye???

    Is the white of the eye itself red? If not, it is probably just a plugged tear duct. Plugged tear ducts are extremely common under 6 months old, but just to be sure you can get it checked by the...
  12. Re: Second Nursing Strike - Need to Move On...

    I am not sure if this response was meant for me or not. But yes, I have tried the bath, but she is 11 months old and she just wants to play, she isn't interested in cuddling much these days :cry. I...
  13. Re: Second Nursing Strike - Need to Move On...

    Hi, thank-you so much for your reply. I am sorry to hear that you are still on a nursing strike, 6 weeks later, but it is wonderful you haven't given up. I admire you for that.

    My DD is still...
  14. Re: Second Nursing Strike - Need to Move On...

    Hi there, I just read through your story and I have to say how sorry I am you went through that (I see that was back in November). I am currently going through the exact same situation and I am...
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