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  1. Help I am confused??? VERY LONG SORRY!!

    My daughter is 9 days old BFing was of to a great start from the begining. She latched on well and I wasn't sore very long. She came home 6lbs 7 ozs born 6lbs 15 ozs. I have some concerns though....
  2. Re: Now that we have a thread about Mummy's hair loss, how about one for Baby?

    Both of mine kept their hair but they both had shorter hair in the back as the got older from learning to move about. I was told by my grandmother that my DD would lose her hair she is 4 and its all...
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    Re: Need some understanding!

    have you tried switch nursing? some babies are impatient so every few minutes switch sides to get the baby full. You can also try breast compressions to get your LO to stay on one side longer. HTH!
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    Re: How do you...

    PP have great answers !!! You can also try taking a bath with baby I hear that promotes baby getting back to the breast! Just my 2 cents but HTH!
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    Re: Gosh, She is SO FUSSY!

    did this just start? It could be a growth sprt perfect time for one!!!
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    Re: Oversupply

    am not much help but it can very well be over supply how are her poo diapers? are they green? foamy, frothy? Thats a sign of over supply.
    this link should help you determine if it could be...
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    Re: nursing all the time/pops off

    sounds like a growth spurt 3 weeks is a perfect time. I wouldn't worry if her pee/poo output is good. She is just trying to tell your body to make more milk b/c she is growing!
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    Re: So Happy and a Q, desperate.

    I agree with PP hat and socks hats where the heat excapes the body. Also LOs tend to have slower circulation so cold hands, feet are normal but I would see a pedi if its ongoing and the whole body...
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    Re: draining the breast?

    If your LO has plenty poos/pees I wouldn't worry at any given time your breast will have aproxx 25% milk in it so its technically never empty! The things we learn about our bodies!!! HTH!
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    Re: Nursing less on left breast!

    It's normal for one breast to make more than the other. As far as fixing it I am not sure you can try to offer that breast first and swithc when LO is done. You can also just pump that side after...
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    Re: I feel like I'm going crazy

    Green poos can be normal but it really depends on what they look like. are the just green? Do they have mucus? foamy? watery? Mucus can mean virus which will run its course foamy can mean oald or os...
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    Re: Ship EBM?

    I don't have experience shipping EBM but I do suggest dry ice it will last awhile before thawing and keep it packed up and tight. You can take it with you if you use the dry ice and dont have to...
  13. Re: Constant nursing (and I mean constant!)

    IMO your doing great sounds like cluster feeding(growth sprut) and baby is growing wants more milk doing this is telling your body to make more should be over soon.

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    Re: Very gassy baby

    It could also be a mild case of reflux the arching of the back is a sign. Again babies grow out of it I aree with pp mylicon and try puting the bed, bassinet, crib mattress on a slight incline or...
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    Re: Does my baby have colic???

    IMO it could be the 3 week growth spurt babies want to be on breast 24/7 at gowing times.

  16. Re: Nipple shield, Mastitis, and baby not gaining weight!

    It sounds like she is gaining weight just slowly. my LO was a slow weight gainer as well. I wouldn't set a time limit to feeding she may be going into a growth spurt they happen around 3 weeks, 6...
  17. Re: baby falls asleep at the breast & stops sucking

    If your baby is actively sucking and swallowing a pause when swallowing then you should leave your LO on because she/he is feeding. If you are experiencing just random sucking and no swallowing your...
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    Re: What initial supplies do you need?

    LOL That's what we are here for soon you will be the expert rattling off wonderful advice for new mama's around the globe!!!

  19. Re: Purchasing nursing bras during pregnancy?

    I am also larger chested and lane bryant has a huge selection of larger cups sizes because its a large womens store or online www.lanebryant.com
    They start at size 14 and up so the bras start at 36...
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    Re: Lactating early

    Hi welcome to the forums they are great! I found this video very interesting and helpful. http://newborns.stanford.edu/Breastfeeding/
    Also another one I found very helpful is dr newmans BFing videos...
  21. Re: 3 feedings a day for a 4 month old is recommended??

    I agree with PP no way did my 2 ever only have 3 feeding . Babies have small tummies overstuffing just isn't healthy just think thanksgiving meals 3 times a day. Would you feel good? I think your...
  22. Re: She's a Real Head Turner, This One!

    If she seems to be latching and feeding fine I would let her be. Sometimes babies just get comfy even if its not the "right" way KWIM? If she doesn't seem to be concerned I wouldn't be especially if...
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    Re: Thanks for all the help

    That's hard but the best and you are doing the best for your family. I hope eveything is well.!!

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    Re: One Side Feeding

    I am not sure about the pumping assuming you are also bfing the pumping is going to tell your body you need that milk at the time you pump. If you continue to pump around the same times your body...
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    Re: Tired of comments....

    my DD was born 7lbs 4 oz left hospital 6 lbs 12 oz was almost 8 lbs at one month and only 9 lbs at 2 months she just turned 4 yrs and is only 30 lbs. Some babies are just small i am only 5 '4" so she...
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