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  1. Re: How do you ladies feel about caffeine?

    IDK at times I feel guilty usually around dinner when I'm craving that half glass of soda becuz I NEED that cup of coffee in the morning or else I will be no good :eye
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    Re: I am so sick =(

    Oh mama :hug I'm so sorry this sounds exactly like what my family is going thru and I totally sympathize with you. It's a nasty nasty virus. Ours started with Mylee then my dh and now my son. :cry...
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    Re: Breast affection...

    Yeah Mylee does this all the time, but I just took it as her being one determined toddler, thinking hey maybe if I keep "torturing" them I'll get them to work once again. :eye

    How cute, the...
  4. Re: How do you respond to someone who thinks..

    I have never been approached by anyone or even stared at inappropriately. But if I ever do I'm sure I'd say something back in a smarta$$ way. I will admit there are a couple times where I wished...
  5. Re: Amamantar y Trabajar... CONSEJOS!!

    Well I would say you did a fine job lady!!!
  6. Re: Amamantar y Trabajar... CONSEJOS!!

    Sorry I have no advice for the op (cuz I have no idea what the problem is) but I saw you carpentergirl and I had no idea you knew how to speak spanish. :lol
  7. Re: Should I introduce cow's milk?

    Shelley hope you don't mind but I'm gonna highjack your thread a minute :o. I sorta have a similar question but mine is how do I introduce cows milk? I am completely dried up now :cry even though she...
  8. Re: Anna asked her nanny to nurse her

    I was leaving Mylee with my Ma this past fall temporarily and my Ma told me once that she showered real quick and had put Mylee in her activity center and once she stepped out of the shower she began...
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    Re: Colon Cleanse while BF

    I'm gonna sit in on this one, it's a very good question. :pop anyone??
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    Re: Having a drink and BFing?

    :ita Yep I've heard the exact same thing except I thought it was an old mexican wives tale. And I just thought uh huh another reason to have more beer. :lol j/k And my old ob/gyn who was the best Dr....
  11. Re: Wearing My Cloak of Grandma

    wow that's pretty awesome. I would have never figured that one out. I mean I 've always heard when they're newborns that they recognize us by smell but still? Amazing if I must say.
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    Re: HELP!!!! I need help now!

    YAY!! :clap Keep at it mama, it can only increase. Hang in there and good luck.
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    Re: HELP!!!! I need help now!

    First and foremost don't stress yourself out :hug That will make matters worse for your low milk supply. The more she's on the breast the more it will come. Even if she's not getting any it will...
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    Re: what is this about??

    I would say you hit the nail on the head. :ita
  15. Re: At work a patient told me my milk...

    The other day my mom called me to tell me that her friend that live in the same building as her wanted to congradulate me on my new bun in the oven and told her to tell me that now for sure I won't...
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    Re: DH's ultimatum

    Sorry to be the black sheep of the bunch but I think your dh needs to start acting like an adult and GET OVER IT!!!! Your baby will not be little forever and right now you are helping her to become a...
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    Re: Comfort Nursing??

    Will it pass? Possibly. It is a total comfort thing as my dd does the exact same thing. She's 17 mos. old and only gets a little from the "good" side and I still am waking up at least 3 times at...
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    Re: Juice & Water...

    Wow I thought my dh was the only one who was fed this astonishing :yikes recipe recommended by his ped. when he was a newborn. Was everybody so backwards back then or what?? :shrug I didn't give...
  19. Re: Asking to nurse...but not doing it?

    :ita I agree it is very cute. Mylee does this constantly. She also has been needing them both hanging out at the same time :shrug I'm like ok I hope noones looking thru the window. :lol
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    Re: Well Visit Vent

    Sorry but I'm gonna be blunt SCREW THEM!!! :rant You should have asked them well aren't you gonna ask me about goats milk and sheeps milk too?? I mean come on is your baby a calf?
  21. Re: So he FINALLY decides he wants to eat more...opinions please!

    mmmmm sounds delicious, I gotta try this!!!
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    Re: Are we doing alright?

    So your 8 yr. old never drank cows milk? It's so reassuring to hear that. I had thought about that time and time again like what if she never did drink it and is it ok. I wish I had all this...
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    Re: Are we doing alright?

    Thanks Sarah. I needed that. Everything she told me today at that visit kinda saddened me because here I've been trying to shut some certain family members up with their criticism about how long I've...
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    Are we doing alright?

    So Mylee went today for her year checkup. She's 18 lbs. 11 oz. 27 1/2 inches long. The n.p. said she was fine, healthy and all that good stuff but then asked if I had started to give her cows milk...
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    Re: 33.2 weeks and need to vent

    :ita good luck to you and congrats on your sweet baby boy.
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