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    Re: What do you call it?

    My son is nearly 3 and we only nurse twice a day now - but he calls it booba or milk - he didn't really start calling it anything until about 6 months ago.
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    Re: Exercise = DS Vomit?

    My son is 33 months old and I work out 5 times a week - he still breast feeds and I have been working out really hard - even with a personal trainer where my muscles are so stiff I want to roll over...
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    Re: 3 years old today!

    Ah too too precious mamma:love She looks so cute! Congratulations to your for continuing your nursing relationship and happy birthday to your LO.
  4. Re: Please help sleep deprived and at wits end.....

    Just an update - this stage finally seems to be passing - he woke only once last night - so we seem to be getting back on track - my husband is still away so I really can't put this down to anything...
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    Re: Anyone else with a tiny toddler?

    You are definitely not alone! :-) My LO is 31 months old and weighs just 25lbs. He's always been way off the charts, we have had him checked out and like others he's under the care of a dietician so...
  6. Re: Please help sleep deprived and at wits end.....

    I guess the molars are a possibility - he's had a funny stool for the past couple of days and he seems particularly difficult at the moment - hopeing it's just a phase - I just keep telling myself...
  7. Please help sleep deprived and at wits end.....

    My 2.5yr old DS is all of a sudden reverted back to a newborn at night - he was down to have "boo boos" at bedtime - maybe once during the night and on waking, now these past 5 nights he's crying...
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    Re: Hurray! We're here!

    Congratulations mamma on your wonderful achievement!:clap Nursing a toddler is an awesome experience.:love
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    Re: I made it! Thank you!

    Awesome - WTG Mamma!:clap Well done - what a wonderful achievement. Keep the good work. I agree with PP - the first 3 months are the hardest.
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    Re: So proud...

    Oh so true! I feel that I have my life back! I am definately the longest pumper I know. Now I am able to enjoy my day at work without planning my meetings around my lunchtime pump session! Hooray
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    So proud...

    My DS is now 2 and a half and I never in my wildest dreams thought I would still be breastfeeding. Although we are down to only as he goes to bed, maybe once during the night and first thing in the...
  12. Re: Any of you working moms pump for your kids over 1yo while they are at sitter's?

    My ds is 29 months old and I still pump for him for a bottle, however over the last month we were on vacation and doing alot travelling plane and train etc. He has seemed to stop drinking this...
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    Re: 2yr. old won't eat

    My 27 month old has days like that where he won't eat a thing!:shrug I just keep offering all his favourites and a variety of things throughout the day - he may snack on something here and something...
  14. Re: I guess he's weaning.... advice needed

    Thanks for your advice. Unfortunately DS will no longer nurse from the breast at all during the day - just kicks and screams. I guess I will just continue to offer the milk in a cup or whatever -...
  15. Re: I guess he's weaning.... advice needed

    Well I have tried a sippy (he doesn't like them but tried it anyway) and a normal cup, but to no avail, he just doesn't want it. He still wants his tea in a bottle and he drinks water and juice from...
  16. I guess he's weaning.... advice needed

    I am currently on vacation travelling around the UK and then onto Europe for a week. We have done a week in Cairo as well. All is going okay, except my DS has dropped his bottle of EBM - he always...
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    Re: Yay, we're here!

    Awesome! Way to go mama!:clap Nursing a toddler is such a wonderful experience. Happy belated B'day to your LO.
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    Re: Well ... here we are!!!

    Congratulations Mamma! What an achievement! Happy Birthday Preston!:clap
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    Re: Will he wean?

    Thanks so much for the advice. I am still waiting to hear if I need to go or not - am hopeing it's no - but will have to go in the New year - so I guess I will just be delaying it. I have been away...
  20. Re: Barely hanging in, can use some support

    First of all :hug :hug. You sound exhausted! I am sorry that you are going through this. Please believe me when I tell you that you are a wonderful mother and this too shall pass. I too have a...
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    Will he wean?

    My DS is nearly 27 months. It looks like I may have to go on a business trip overseas (I am in South Africa) to London for 4 or 5 days. Will he wean while I am gone? He still drinks a bottle of bm...
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    Re: How much?

    Hi there. I pump 1 x day (double pump) and I get 10-12oz my son is 26 months. Am considering pump weaning soon.
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    Re: Love Letter to the LLLadies

    Well done mamma! Happy birthday to your LO!
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    When should I give up the pump?

    My DS is now 26 months old. I am still pumping once a day for a bottle for him +/- 10 oz which he still drinks during the day. I know that he doesn't really need the nutrition anymore and he drinks...
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    Re: We made it!

    :clap Well done and congratulations Mamma. Happy Birthday to your LO. Nursing a child over one is an awesome experience. Welcome to the club!
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