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    Re: How many time a day do you give solids?

    My son is 5 1/2 months and we've been giving him about 1T of homemade sweet potatos at night around dinner time for a couple of weeks now. He LOVES them, but I think now we're just in the "practice"...
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    Poll: Re: Pumping Sessions and Amount

    Maybe I have an oversupply but I pump 3 times per day and get 15oz. Every 4hrs at work - the first I average 8oz (5oz from the one he didnt feed on and 3 on the other); then 5oz on the second. I'll...
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    Re: Where do you pump?

    I go back to work tomorrow...:( And, I'm planning on pumping in my car. The windows are nicely tinted and I bought the car adapter for my Madela PIS. I have an open cubicle and could use an empty...
  4. Re: can't pump at work - will I loose my milk?

    This is good to hear, I am also worried about not having any time to pump while at work. When I told my DH that I wanted him to drive to my work so I could feed our DS, he laughed (it's a 25mile...
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