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    9 month old refusing bottles

    My DD has been refusing bottles all day yesterday and all day today. She nursed when I got home from work, and is not yet night weaned, so perhaps she made up for her behavior during the day with...
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    Re: Pumping Frequency & DD's intake

    Thanks for the reply, Susan! I appreciate your input. I'm guessing I still pump 22-30 ounces in 2 sessions just because the 2 (v. 3) is a sporadic thing. So I could see it dropping more if I was...
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    Re: Warming milk a second time

    I've heard it is okay to re-warm once if it hasn't been touched, but frowned upon if it is half fed. Something about bacteria from baby's mouth backwashing into the milk. We've rewarmed half fed...
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    Pumping Frequency & DD's intake

    I'm working 3 days a week and pumping for my 4 mo DD while I'm away.

    She typically only takes 3.5 oz bottles 3 times while I'm out of the house, about 7a-5p. I nurse her when I get home, and a...
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    2 Swings or a PISA

    I'm expecting in May 2011. I have a 25 month old DD that still nurses once per day. I was a SAHM with her for the first 15 months, so I only needed to pump a handful of times for a night out. I...
  6. Re: clicking habit possibly due to OALD

    Thanks so much for the reply. So it is okay that the clicking continues past let down or sometimes occurs before it?
  7. Re: Pumping for intermittent bottle use.

    She'll be 5 weeks on Tuesday.
    Thanks for the links!
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    Re: does anyone use a medela swing?

    I think the swing is pretty straightforward to use. I would never describe it as complicated, at least. The pump, tubing, and container are easy to assemble, attach to motor, and go. Just 4...
  9. Pumping for intermittent bottle use.

    I'll be introducing the bottle soon and I'm not sure how often I should pump and when I should pump.

    We'll be bottle feeding intermittently, just when I'm not available. I'm a SAHM, but we...
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    Re: does anyone use a medela swing?

    I have the swing and have only used it a handful of times to deal with OS, but I love it!
  11. Intermittent clicking noises & bottle

    DD makes clicking noises, but only sometimes, and I don't think she always did this... I'm never sore, and her latch looks good. She just breaks suction often, I guess. She's eating plenty based...
  12. clicking habit possibly due to OALD

    So, I seem to have OS and OALD. It's getting better with single side feeding and block feeding, but I think DD has developed a bad habit of creating a clicking noise when she feeds, I think due to a...
  13. Noisy Eater, Gas, and Sleeping Fitfully

    My 3.5 week old is a noisy eater- lots of clicking noises, like she's breaking the suction/latch. I can't remember when this started, or if it was always like this... Anyway, I also think she is...
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