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  1. Re: 2.5 year old wanting to nurse ALL THE TIME?

    Mine (2.5) will cry to nurse when she doesn't get something she wants, or if she get's in trouble. It's like a consolation to her. Maybe yours is stepping up the nursing because of more conflicts in...
  2. Re: 20 Month Old Still Requiring Milk to get back to sleep

    just want to agree with everyone. mine is 29 mo and also wakes up afew times wanting to nurse back to sleep. We co-sleep and she gives me all night till 6 am now (e.g. 11pm-6am) then wakes up every...
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    Re: Baby Slings

    What do you want to do with baby in the sling? I liked Ergo for carrying baby around and doing laundry, cooking, walking, shopping, nursing from about 4mo on. I have nursed in Ergo while walking...
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    Re: Confused! Please help!

    are you using cloth or disposable breast pads? I always soaked right thru the cloth ones, including milk running down my belly and soaking my pants, so I usually opted to use disposables (with that...
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    Re: Toddler hand on a recon mission

    I feed off the top boob while side-lying now (2 yr old). Not sure if others do this, but the bottom boob ends up under me so she can't touch it. sometimes she tickles my armpit though. I have small...
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    Re: How does child-led weaning occur?

    about the asking over and over. dd does this too (25 months) mostly for nursing but yesterday also for cake and then for chicken (we did not have either). It can help to give a play-by-play of what...
  7. How to wean from the mid-nap nursing?

    My dd is 25 months and she naps for 2 hours usually, but after the first hour is crying out to nurse. Sometimes it is then hard to sneak away as she wants to stay sleeping with the boob in her mouth....
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    Re: Pressure to wean from hubby

    I only have one child. We move around a lot. Some places we have slept all in same bed. other places me & baby in one bed, DH other bed in same room. other places DH in own room, me and baby...
  9. Tired of being groped while nursing boob-obsessed 2-year old

    My daughter will be 2 this month and she nurses pretty much on-demand throughout the day and night. In the last months she has adopted some nursing behavior that really bugs me. Soon after she starts...
  10. Re: Made it to a year and beyond! A few questions...

    yes, this is pretty normal. It didn't stop hurting for me until DD was 17 mo and my cycle returned, although DD still nurses a ton. I think on avg cycle returns around 17 months.
  11. Re: Baby pulling at my shirt in public

    Yeah, I know what you mean...I do live in one of those countries and LO regularly gives strangers a peep show of my other breast :yikes!! It's hard to adapt her nursing habits when we travel to North...
  12. Re: 11 months - biting and nursing to sleep problems

    For the biting, have you tried saying sternly "no biting", unlatching him and putting him down on the ground/bed? That's what I did with my DD at that age when she bit me, and she soon learned not to...
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    Re: Sore breast

    My soreness went away too. I thought it was a minor and deep plugged duct too, but I have small breasts and couldn't really imagine where the plug could be that I couldn't feel it, you know? So then...
  14. Awakes coughing and drowning in snot while night nursing

    I saw on another thread someone mentioned using breastmilk/saline solution to clear a stuffy nose. What exactly do you do with the milk/saline, do you squirt it up their nose? Directly with the...
  15. Re: Baby pulling at my shirt in public

    I agree with Mommal. Turtleneck! Little gropy hands are hard to stop with anything else.
  16. Re: Over active let down.. Problems feeding 13 day old..

    Oops just saw this. Ok different from my case as I could feel let-down strongly and milk would shoot everywhere without any hand expression (still does and DD is 2!). Seems strange to me that he...
  17. Re: Over active let down.. Problems feeding 13 day old..

    I agree, so annoying to pump while baby is fussing to nurse! I totally understand why this is stressing you out, because I have been there. But the solutions are quite easy and there are lots of...
  18. Re: nearing the end of her (wife's) sleepless rope...

    I will just add my support to PPs.

    1. Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed with something (like constant nursing, baby won't go to sleep, or whatever) it's not so much that this really is so...
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    Re: Vit D supplements?

    Ok! just saw that this very llli website has lots of info too: http://www.llli.org/nb/nbvitamins.html

    sorry so short - tandem nursing 2yo while ladybug and monkey take turn on other side.
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    Re: Vit D supplements?

    I will give you my take as I did some research on internet when baby was small. I am just repeating stuff I read, and the conclusion I came to. I believe your Dr is correct in saying that Vitamin D...
  21. Re: Havn't slept in 18th Months, time to wean?

    Four things:

    1) Mine also cries "teta please" to wake me up, and I have to roll her over (she sometimes sits up too, but not usually)...I think you could do it without really waking up.

    2) I...
  22. Re: Havn't slept in 18th Months, time to wean?

    Can you explain further about YOUR sleep patterns and why you feel exhausted? Do you wake up too much when your daughter wakes to nurse and you can't get back to sleep? Do you find yourself worrying...
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    Re: Sore breast

    yes, I think this was it. the pain has gone now. she has been very rough lately when I'm trying to get her to sleep, and at other times, for example I just had to plop her on the floor because she...
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    Sore breast

    I have a sore breast. The LLLI FAQ on breast pain says that sore breast occurs "when the milk flow is blocked. Breast feels tender. There may or may not be redness or a hard spot in that area of the...
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    Re: Constant Nursing 22 Month Old

    I am going through this a bit with my daughter too, also 22 months. What I have done and it seems to be working fairly well, is to block off a period of time in my head that I will not nurse....
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