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    Re: We've hit 3 years! :D

    Well done and well said! My oldest turned three in June and though our nursing relationship has soured a bit on my end, it is a beautiful experience to share with him. He rushes to his preschool...
  2. Re: 23 lb. 4 month old EBF.. Is this normal?

    I buy my long, lean older son jeans from children's place. They have an adjustable waist so I could get a size larger and just roll up the legs.
  3. Re: '6 Months Old Now, you can do it too!'


    This made me think of your question about sweaty heads. I need to stick up on cod liver oil before winter.
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    Re: 6 Week Old "Phase"??

    I agree with Tclynx that it may indeed be an allergy. My son's dairy sensitivity showed up between the four-six week period but coincided with an oversupply so i spent a few weeks trying to manage...
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    Re: 6 Week Old "Phase"??



    What is baby's complete weight...
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    Re: Baby nursing so often!

    You're halfway...
  7. Re: How soon can I nurse in carrier/wrap?

    Great points above. My recent experience with my youngest was nursing in my ergo on day 3. I'd had no previous baby wearing experience. He nursed to sleep within a few minutes. I was then able to get...
  8. Re: '6 Months Old Now, you can do it too!'


  9. Re: skip out on dairy and water til one year old?

    My lo is is sensitive to dairy as well. You could consider broth as a nutrient...
  10. Re: Constantly Breastfeeding - 6 weeks old


    The newborn stage is hard....
  11. Re: Got very sick now milk is way down. what do I do???

    Homemade bone broth is great for nourishing a person without actually stuffing yourself. It's full of essential amino acids that are critical to recovery from...
  12. Re: small 3 month old Still hungry after breastfeeding

    That is very low weight gain. I agree with your doctor that a specialist may be required. However, I'd love for you to see an IBCLC as well to...
  13. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    You pick your child up from preschool for the first time and he yells clearly "May I just have BOOBIES?!" Thankfully, his teachers have never said a word about it.
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    Re: Weight gain


    How often is baby nursing? Do you schedule feed times or control how long baby is on the breast? How is night nursing going- any sleep...
  15. Re: Stress and breastfeeding 5 month old.

    This article gives you the average amounts breastfed babies typically gain. At the bottom are more links that may be helpful, specifically the one on...
  16. Re: '6 Months Old Now, you can do it too!'

    Could you incorporate more fermented foods into your family's diet? That may help with constipation. Hope you've found some...
  17. Re: profuse sweating while nursing

    I think it's pretty common. James just woke up with drenched hair from nursing/napping.
  18. Re: overwhelmed. Quit or combo feed? 7 weeks PP, mostly pump


    Try all of the tips in the link to help with a fussy evening. It's definitely...
  19. Re: Doc says not nursing for long enough each Breast

    Congratulations! You're doing wonderful, mama! Sorry your doctor has made you feel unsure when everything is going so well. Your instincts are right. There's absolutely no reason to change anything...
  20. Re: Baby does better on formula?!?

    I think you can interpret that as time to start a rotating/elimination diet to see if you can find which other food might be the culprit. Eggs (which contain soy due to large amounts of soy in their...
  21. Re: constipation and nursing/solids

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    Re: 29 mo weaning question

    Yes counting down helped my son a lot. He still asks a bit but he's willing to stop without a tantrum so that's good progress for us. Dh usually reads books right after that and I hold his hand or...
  23. Re: '6 Months Old Now, you can do it too!'

  24. Re: '6 Months Old Now, you can do it too!'

    My oldest wakes the baby up ALL the time. I really dislike the quick after dinner naps he gets so often. He's ready to sleep but ds1 won't settle for another hour or two so some loud noise is bound...
  25. Re: MIT breast pump hackathon winner

    I logged in today to post this! Sounds like some good progress is being made. Hope the momentum keeps up.
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