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  1. Cracked nipples/ gumming base of nipple

    My little one is almost 6 weeks old. He's been nursing for almost 3 weeks. He's gaining well and my supply is good. He gets one bottle at night to give my nipples a rest.
    I've been suffering...
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    Re: Tugging at Breast in Week 4

    my baby was doing this and my lc told me it might be an air bubble during feeding and to unlatch him, sway/burp him. i did when he did it again and sure enough, as soon as i put him on my knee he let...
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    breastfeeding can be hard...

    Hi all,
    I'm new to the group and just want some reassurance that it does get better. My baby is 4 weeks old, he spent his first few days in NICU getting formula bottles and pacifiers and it has been...
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