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  1. Re: Need dental work - should I wean?

    This information may be helpful to you.
    Good luck - I hate going to the dentist!
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    Re: So how often do you nurse?

    My 5 year old nurses twice a day and my 3 year old between 4 and 8 times, depending on what hours I'm working on a given day. Probably 5 times on most days.
    At 22 months my eldest and youngest...
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    Re: What would you do?

    The phrase I've heard used that i like best is "around the middle of the first year". Sometimes people get too hung up on exactly 6 months. I don't believe anything magical happens overnight on that...
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    Re: About low weight.....

    Good job your friend isn't my family's doctor - she'd be mighty busy as there hasn't been anyone over the 25th centile in our family in at least 3 generations!
    Seriously though, I think that is...
  5. Re: Rambling longer term bf question

    I was about to say the same.
    My children have all been parented in the same way and are all very different personalities. They're just individuals!
  6. Rambling longer term bf question

    There's probably no real answer to this, but I just wonder what everyone thinks. What factors do you think influence the age at which a child self weans? My eldest weaned at around 3.5 years, my...
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    1827 days

    My elder son is 5 today, and today began just like the 1826 previous days with a breastfeed.
    I wonder how much breastmilk he has drunk in that time? :shrug I'd love to know!
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    Poll: Re: who has 'caries'??

    Drinking water here has been flouridated for ages. I vaguely remember it being started in our area when I was a child, so that must be well over 30 years ago.
    Though actually, much to my suprise,...
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    Poll: Re: who has 'caries'??

    Wow. The advice re dentist visits is really different in the UK.
    We are advised to start taking babies to the dentist as soon as the first tooth appears. Well actually, mine have been even before...
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    Poll: Re: who has 'caries'??

    I've voted "no and we night nurse" but I would like to have also voted "no and we don't night nurse" as I'm tandem nursing and only the younger still nurses at night. But I can't vote twice.
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