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    Re: mix feeding??? oh no!!!

    hes already eating mashed veggies and baby foods.
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    mix feeding??? oh no!!!

    my son is 8 months now and lately i pumped less. i dont know what happened but my milk supply suddenly dropped to 75% when i pumped.

    my son is smaller than kids his age. he looks like a 4 month...
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    he hates baby food!

    i have a problem with my 5 month old son. he hates baby food! he spits them out everytime but when i give him a taste of a chicken gravy and spaghetti sauce, he likes it with no spills!

    i dont...
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    Re: i want to be a member of LLL but...

    please PM me if someone had answer your questions.
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    when to start with solid foods?

    my ds is now 4 months old and my mom told me he can start taking solids like gerber and the kinds.

    is it right or wrong? and what is the best food to give him when he started off?
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    i want to go back to school but...

    i want to go back to school but i think its not possible because i am EBF my son. i cannot make a milk bank in the house because i cannot afford to buy a breast pump. do you think i should feed him...
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    help!!! im losing my milk!!!

    help! i think im losing my milk! my baby is now turning 3 months old and he is always crying when i breastfeed him. i think he is not getting enough. somebosy from LLL told me to pump to increase....
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    i want to be a member of LLL but...

    i want to be a member of LLL international but... i cannot afford the membership fee. i am a jobless mom and my husband earns only around $200 a month just enough for our needs. can it be on...
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    about pacifiers...

    i am EBF'ing my son for 2 months now and everything is running smoothly. but lately he's been always suckling his hands. im trying to give him pacifiers but he doesnt know how to use it. he sucks for...
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    problem with low milk supply

    i want to try herbals, teas to aid me on my low milk supply. what can i have and where would it be available? i am from the philippines. thanks!
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    Re: Nipple Shields vs No Shields

    try taking off the shield gradually until you are fine without it. i use nipple shield on the first month but i gradually took it off because its hard to feed with it specially when we are out. just...
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    Re: flat nipple questions

    i too had flat nipples and tried breast shields for 4 weeks. i used it because i cannot stand the pain when my baby nurses on my breasts. i eventually tried taking it off and just take the pain. now...
  13. super gas pain of my baby makes him so colicky

    my baby always has gas pains. i tried manzanilla and it worked (a bit!). is there any way of taking the gas off for good?
  14. thinking of switching to formula. pls help!

    my baby is already 6 weeks old but he is not getting fat. he has plenty of wet and soiled nappies and he nurses a lot. he is gaining height but not getting fat so i am thinking of just giving him...
  15. how much milk does a 3 week old breastfed baby take in one feeding?

    my son is so small but i think he is not getting enough from me. at this stage i can only pump 2 ounces for the whole day on one breast. i tried having complete vitamins and healthy diet, i even take...
  16. white breastmilk that looks like formula?

    my breastmilk is so white that it looks like a formula milk. is it ok? why it is so white? my mother told me breastmilk should be watery and whitish in color but mine is so white and creamy?
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