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  1. Re: Nipple shield causing supply issues?

    Welcome to LLL!! And congrats on your baby girl. I had inverted nipples and was introduced to a shield. My LO just recently weaned off the shield about 3-4 weeks ago...and it was a long process for...
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    defrosted bm

    :hello I defrosted some of my bm for my lo today...i defrosted about 5 oz and she only ate one. Can I put the rest in the fridge?? How long will it stay good?? I know I should smell/taste just to...
  3. Re: best bottles for breastfeeding babies?

    my dd likes the first years breast flow bottles. she actually has to work to get the ebm out and it takes her 15-20 min to finish 3 oz. This is good bc shed finish the other bottles we had in 5-10...
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    Re: BFing in Public

    i have a hooter hider & its awesome! folds up small enough to shove in your diaper bag or purse...light weight so you & lo arent hot, a wire around the neck line so you can easily see lo, big enough...
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    Re: Really struggling...

    first of all :hug s to you for all you do for your family! a couple of suggestions that may help...

    -do you have to continue to pump at work? is it something you could do away with?

    - what if...
  6. Re: Tips for surviving my first trip away from LO

    its great you dont have to worry about your supply/stash and that dd takes bottles well and that dh is such a good daddy. try to focus on the possitives. and dd and daddy will have special bonding...
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    Re: think i'm giving up

    dont give up mama! :hug :hug i recommend contacting an LC for help with LOs latch. i also recommend a nipple sheild for your inverted nipple but have your LC recommend size/brand. put expressed bm on...
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    Re: Returning to Work

    i am an elem school teacher as well...i am lucky bc my mat leave ran into summer break. kudos to you for going back for the last 2 weeks. i will be pumping in a private restroom near my...
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    Re: breast pain

    i have had both clogged ducts & mastitis and neither are any fun! these are thing i did:
    - warm compress for 15 min before nursing
    - massage breast while in warm shower/bath
    - massage while LO...
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    growth spurts

    when do growth spurts typically take place? every 2 weeks?? my LO had one at about 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks... now shes 8 weeks and i think we may be going thru another. i feel like if i knew when...
  11. Re: c-section mom/ cracked nipples in pain

    being uncomfortable bc of you csection is 1 thing....but your breasts & nipples hurting is quite another. i think there is a problem with your latch. my advice is to contact a LLL leader or a LC...
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    Re: Sleepy nurser

    my lo was a sleepy nurser for the 1st 3 weeks of her life (now 8 weeks old). i would change her diaper (even if it was dry), undress her, tickle her, burp her, ice cube on the foot... you name it i...
  13. Re: What would the best of all possible worlds look like?

    i :love the "ease in" idea!! esp for moms who only get 6-8 weeks maternity leave. im a teacher & got lucky that my mat leave ran right into summer break. couldnt imagine going back full time after...
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    Re: Not sure what to do?

    overactive let-down...wheres the abbreviations list??
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    Re: clogged duct already?

    it sounds like a clogged duct to me...i had the same thing youre describing. are u massaging while LO nurses? warm compress for 15 min before nursing also helped me. keep your breasts as empty as...
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    Re: Nipple Shields.

    are you using nipple cream? i would try drawing the nipple out before latch as suggested above. i start the feeding with the shield to draw my nipple out. If that doesnt help, id visit a LC. GL...
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    Re: Ow clogged ducts

    in my experience with clogged ducts & mastitis, it doesnt feel better until its gone. so if youre feeling better, than its most likely gone. BUT...doesnt mean it wont/cant come back. take precautions...
  18. Re: Foods to help increase milk supply?

    the best way to increase your supply is to get LO to your breasts as often as possible. can i ask what you are doing to help your nipples heal? nipple cream works well and expressing some bm on them...
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    Re: What do the abbreviations mean

    im so glad someone asked this! maybe we could go over all of the abbreviations :gvibes newbie here too!
  20. Re: how fast does a new born nurse ?

    how old is your LO? hows LOs wet/poopy diaper count? 6+ wet and 3-4 poopy will tell you if LO is getting enogh. how many times does LO nurse in a 24 hr period? 8-12 is the amount youre looking for....
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    Re: DS not sleeping...

    i recommend u read "the no-cry sleep solution."
  22. great resources for new moms!

    i thought id share the two resources that are really helping me as a new mommy (besides these forums of course!). a mom on here suggested (cant remember who but THANK U!) I read "the no-cry sleep...
  23. Re: Just want to be reminded that I am not alone!

    try reading "the no-cry sleep solution."
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    feeding while im at work

    i will be going back to work in Aug. and my LO will be 4.5 months old. heres my concern...LO will drink from a bottlle but prefers the breast. after 3-4 oz oof ebm she thinks shes still hungry bc she...
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    Re: going back to work

    oatmeal and water works for me! i am a teacher too & plan on pumping during my preps...just not sure where yet! GL!
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