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    On a solids strike

    My 9 month old has been on a solids strike for about 3 weeks. I slowly introduced solids around 6 months and just gave them to her a few times a week. Around 7.5 months I started doing it every day -...
  2. Re: Milk Spray or Reflux Congestion?

    My LO has silent reflux and is 3 months this week. I started to suspect it around 6 weeks but I did not want to medicate her. Unfortunatley it started to get worse around 9 weeks (which our pedi said...
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    Re: pumping for outings?

    You shouldnt worry about nursing in public - its easier than you think. I used to be really nervous and would only do it in the car - or if I had to I would use a cover. Now I"m getting much more...
  4. Re: Switching from Breast To Bottle

    You may have to try different bottles until you find one she prefers - that worked for me. My LO prefers the Medela with the wide slow flow nipples.
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    Re: breastfeeding woes

    My LO was born with a small mouth too and I have pretty large nipples. Around 3 weeks it started to get better and I could really tell her mouth was growing. We've now been nursing for 11 weeks and I...
  6. Re: Does anyone leave bm at room temp for 10 hrs?

    If the room is warm, you dont want to leave it out more than a couple of hours. Technically, if you keep your house at 66-72 degrees, you can leave it out for 10 hours - but IMO I probably wouldnt...
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    Re: input on pumping to heal

    :ita with PP. You def need to get the latch good to fix the problem or you will keep getting cracks even if you have a day to heal.

    Have you checked out these videos on this site? Scroll all the...
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    Re: Reusing Lansinoh bags

    I would put the milk in a different container then put in the fridge. Then get more bags and freeze the milk in the next day or two.
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    Won't open mouth wide anymore!

    My LO is 9 weeks old and breastfeeding is going really well. At about 3-4 weeks we started getting the latch perfect - she was even getting bottles a few times a week. She is now been getting a...
  10. Re: A funny during breastfeeding my 11 month...

    Awe - love this! Hearing things like this always encourage me to keep going! Thanks for sharing!
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    Re: Help! Not sure what to do!

    Welcome and Congrats on your new baby!!

    The link mommal sent should really help. Just keep at it - you may have some pretty frustrating times but it will get easier and easier.

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    Re: Chronic thrush

    I am currently being treated for thrush too - my baby doesnt have any symptoms, but my nipples are also pink, they burn, and I get the shooting pains. I am on Diflucan now, the Nystatin cream, taking...
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    Re: can I please have some hugs

    :hug :hug :hug
    So sorry you are going through this.

    I think having an ultrasound on your breasts to have a look inside is a good idea. Could be something completely out of the norm causing the...
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    Re: Not producing Hindmilk

    My LO's poops arent always seedy - they are usually yellow to orange and sometimes more seedy than others.

    Have you done any research on silent reflux? My LO has that - she gags during and after...
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    Re: Not producing Hindmilk

    Yeah - I :ita with Chickennoodlemom - I'm thinking you do not have an OS. When you pump the 5oz, is that in the morning? If so, thats sorta normal. I actually pump about 6-7oz in the morning. Most...
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    Re: Not producing Hindmilk

    Does he have consistant green poops? If he is having some normal color poops, then is is probably getting an ok amount of hindmilk. If every single poop is really green, then he isnt getting enough...
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    Re: pumping and bruised nipples?

    Mine have looked sorta bruised too - kinda purple at the ends. It doesnt really hurt so I figured it was just the pump drawing the blood to the ends of my nipples ??
    I too am getting a bigger flange...
  18. Dump Breastmilk with yeast infection?

    Should I be dumping the breastmilk I pump while being treated for yeast in my breasts?
  19. Re: Reflux, Yeast, and Vaccines, Oh My!

    Thanks MommytoAC - how would they treat her? They have me taking Difulcan 1/day for 7 days, taking accidolpholis, and using Nystatin cream on my nipples. Will this work for treating both of us?
  20. Reflux, Yeast, and Vaccines, Oh My!

    We took Emily to her 2month check up today! Great news is she is gaining well and growing like crazy! She is 10lb 9oz and 23 3/4in (in the 90th percentile - so tall already!). Her pedi is also a LC...
  21. Re: Left side is producing great! But right side is hardly pumping out milk!?

    Its normal to pump just a small amount out after the baby has already nursed. If you pumped too much you could lead to an oversupply. Its easier for me to express milk from my left side,...
  22. Re: 4.5 mo baby slowly starting to reject the breast - help!

    :ita with Joe.s.mom - sounds like a supply issue to me. Especially since he does well with the morning feeding, which is normally when your supply is the highest. He may be fussing for the other...
  23. Re: Baby crying ALL the time and wanting to nurse all the time

    Maybe the car ride to the doctors office soothed him. My LO usually falls asleep in the car. Maybe after you are done with a feeding, someone else can take him on a car ride while you sleep for a...
  24. Re: Fussy Baby... Im so stressed out!

    Here are great links that may help you too


  25. Re: Fussy Baby... Im so stressed out!

    You should try and nurse until the baby is finished on the 1st breast, and then offer the 2nd breast. They will normally unlatch or really slow down with their swallowing when they are done with the...
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