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  1. Re: A silly frequency question where I need your reassurance

    Thank you both so much. Like I said, I was just over thinking it, but it is very nice to get some reassurance!
  2. A silly frequency question where I need your reassurance

    This is one of those times that I know everything is fine, but I just need some reassurance.

    I took DD to the doc for her 18 month appointment yesterday and the NP asked me how often DD nursed...
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    Re: Scared...fibrocystic breast disease

    I have this too, as does my sister and one niece. All of us are fine. I know when you hear "lump in your breast" it sounds scary, but try to relax as much as you can. It is really very common and for...
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    Re: Is it normal not to leak?

    I never leaked either. Sometimes in the morning if dd got up later I would leak like 2 drops, but that was it. We are the lucky ones.

    Oh, and that thing with the lips is totally normal too. Most...
  5. Re: breastfeeding and solid foods - how much of each?

    Thanks so much for your reply.

    Yes, she is happy, healthy, walking (8-9 steps at a time!), talking (well, her version of words) and is doing just great. The only thing that is worrying me is her...
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    Re: The Mad Nipple Pincher on the Loose!!!

    I feel so bad about laughing, really, I do, it's just that I can SO relate! What is it about playing with the nipple that is soooo fun? The last thing I got (in addition to the nipple play) was a...
  7. breastfeeding and solid foods - how much of each?

    Hi all! I have a dd who just turned one last week. She is about 98% exclusively breastfed. She wasn’t that interested in food, and we didn’t push it because of the “food is for fun until they are...
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    Re: OMG If I heard ONE more time ...

    Oh I soooo understand. My dd is a little over 6 months and she is EBF. The in-laws are totally freaked out because she "needs" food. Here's the funny part, she is on the 90th percentile for both...
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    EBF and allergies

    My DD is 20 weeks old, so this is a question more for the future and I thought you smart women might know the answer. Many, many years ago (early 70’s), my sister was an LLL leader. At that time they...
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    Misreading feeding cues?

    My dd is 4 months old and still nursing every 2-3 hours. I am not sure if it is because she needs/wants to nurse that much, or because I am misreading her cues and offering to nurse. I don’t mind...
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    Re: Eating for4 hrs straight??

    My DD did that too – she’s still a comfort nurser. If she is having lots of wet/messy diapers and is gaining weight, you can be sure she is getting enough. Actually, at 2 weeks she is probably just...
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    Re: breastfeeding & company...how to handle

    I agree with what everyone has said – your house, your rules. However, let me give you one tip: In reality I have no problem NIP or anywhere else. If people don’t like it they don’t have to look. But...
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    Re: Pulling on me!

    My dd did the exact same thing. She would kneed her little hand into my breast, which would pop out the nipple, and then she would relatch and do it again. You are correct – it is painful!

    I have...
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    Re: Is my pump giving me plugged ducts?

    I get plugged ducts a lot! I get plenty of rest (or as much as you can with a 13 week old), I don’t feel stressed, my bra’s aren’t too tight … all of the things that you read that cause plugged ducts...
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    Hey! That’s my nipple, young lady!

    I have an almost 11 week old dd who has been exclusively bf. She has liked to nurse frequently and for long periods of time (an hour is not uncommon). Since my schedule allows this, that is what we...
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    Re: Chronic plugged ducts

    Thank you sooo much! I'll let you know how things turn out.
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    Chronic plugged ducts

    Help! I am having trouble with blocked ducts; it happens about once a week. My baby girl is almost 8 weeks old. She has a great latch and is a good nurser. We nurse on cue, which is VERY often, so I...
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