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    Re: Feeding Baby While Out

    You can practice at home with the cover first, if you like. Inside...outside in your backyard...there are ways to work yourself into it gradually. Preparation and picking out a 'first spot' where you...
  2. Re: still in search of the perfect bottle...

    Hmmm, no idea on that second question. I just use the medela all the time for storage and the others for actual feeding.
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    Re: Road trip challenges

    I'm sorry. It may dip your supply, but not that drastically as long as you keep plugging away. Continuing to nurse is its own solution. Poor stressed everyone. I hope you can relax a little bit,...
  4. Re: still in search of the perfect bottle...

    Tommee Tippees are very wide. They seem to do well. Used Nuk Orthodontic for DD; not as wide, but they work with Green To Grow bottles as well.
  5. Re: What to do with Freezer Stash? Proper way to cycle throu

    I use older frozen on Mondays. I save for any slump...your period can through you on occasion. I am thinking about using some if I start with cereals for solids; BM makes a great mixer.
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    Re: Pumping at airports

    I didn't even think to look for a family restroom. I just used the ladies room. I'm sorry they put you through that.
  7. Re: Will our 4 week old ever "get it" after so many bottles?

    I know a lot of mamas will have more detailed advice, but my first thought is trying a nurse in with lots of skin to skin time.
  8. Re: Not keeping up with bottles and worried about overfeedin

    16 oz does sound like too much. Even a 9 hour day should be about 14 oz. max.

    How good is DH at trying other means of soothing the baby? It sounds a bit like his idea of frequency might be a bit...
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    Medela Calma?

    Has anyone tried the new Medela Calma? It looks intriguing. It seems like a good idea, but I wonder how cleanable it is.


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    Re: am I buying trouble?

    Has baby done any additional nighttime or morning nursings lately? If that is the case, your pump output would go down a little while your body catches up to make up for the extra sessions. But you...
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    Re: am I buying trouble?

    How much is baby eating when you are gone? How long are you gone? How much do you pump a day? How big are baby's bottles? Is AF back yet, or are there any signs of it?

    On average baby should drink...
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    Re: Menstruation/Milk drying up??

    Nothing is better at getting your supply up then nursing. When you have AF, you should see if you can nurse more frequently. Supplementing while your supply is low will just throw a wrench in the...
  13. Re: Weight gain slowing down - decreasing supply?? Help

    Yes, post the weights, and someone here will be able to tell you whether they look that bad. It seems like doctors don't always use the right charts for BF babies.

    Is your baby already starting to...
  14. Re: my story, birth story, and current state!

    Your baby was born the same day mine was. :clap
  15. Re: Also need sleep! Waking to eat or fuss?

    Side-lying is great. It is a bit of an advanced technique, since it is harder to control your baby's latch on. However, your baby is totally capable of learning it at 3 months. I trained my first to...
  16. Re: EPing as a choice after returning to work

    I work and pump and I've had two babies who are good sleepers. Since they don't wake to eat as often in the night, I do wake them up to feed them before going to work. I only have to pump three times...
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    Re: Breastfeeding, Naps & Daycare

    I wish I had better advice, but all I can offer is that you should probably start whatever you are going to do now. Toddlers can be inflexible little people, so I do not think it will be any easier...
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    Re: Desperate for Sleep Help

    Yes, that's why I only suggested once a day if she wants to try it. I would not spend a huge amount of time working on it at this age.
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    Re: Desperate for Sleep Help

    If it's not teeth it could be a bit of anxiety. Some babies don't seem to like it when they nurse to sleep to wake up without you where you were before. Mine seemed to go through a stretch like that....
  20. Re: HELP! is this a plugged duct? what do I do?

    Once when I had a bad plugged duct I took a diaper and filled it with warm water. It was the perfect size for a warm compress. I also had at least one nursing session where I laid my baby down and...
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    Re: Preparing breastmilk for caretaker

    If you at all have issues with a DCP and feeding, the best thing to do is provide them with the milk exactly as you want it given to your baby. If that's in 5 3 oz bottles, then be prepared to give...
  22. Re: Breastfeeding is exhausting! Need to sleep!

    If you want to keep from clock watching, try to set up 1 or two nursing stations where you live. Perhaps one on a couch by the TV, with someplace for snacks and drinks. You can make your second in...
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    Re: So what do *normal* babies do? :)

    It's definitely more popular than the mobile. Now I just need one over the diaper table...my aunt used to change diapers on her dining room table because it had a chandelier over it.
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    Re: Allergies and tears.

    Corn tortillas. Even the gluten intolerant can eat them. I hope things improve.
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    Re: Do Lilly Padz really work?

    Worked for me, and I have OALD. No leaks. I did limit use though, because of the lack of airflow. They seem like they'd be good for some bra-less occasions for anyone.
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