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    return of mid-night feedings...why??

    just curious if this is normal, and how long i can expect it to last... ruby's been sleeping through the night without feeding for over a month now. in general she would eat at 8pm, down to sleep by...
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    Re: What do you eat when home and breastfeeding?

    :ita :ita :ita
    I got into the habit early on of eating and drinking something after each nursing session...so that's a lot of snacks! In the beginning I had to, because I just felt ravenous all the...
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    Re: Tips on night feedings and changings

    Since the very beginning, my DH has handled all middle of the night diapers, and then gives her to me to nurse. These were frequent in the beginning, but now we are down to one per night. Don't feel...
  4. Re: Sleepy baby won't wakeup for feedings - HELP!

    That's excellent, Jen! Keep up the good work, Momma!!:D
  5. Re: My one month old baby wants to be fed every 2 hours

    As you can tell by the responses from pp's, this is totally normal. My DD is 3 month old, and eats her first 2-3 meals of the day about 1-1/2 hrs apart, then every 2-3 hrs during the day, and then...
  6. Re: Will nipples be sore no matter what in the beginning?

    Mine were sore in the beginning, even with a good latch. They toughened up with time though...have not had any pain in a long while.:)
  7. Re: Sleepy baby won't wakeup for feedings - HELP!

    Hi Jen-

    I just wanted to say that I went through the EXACT same thing with Ruby. She went from 8lb8oz birthweight to 7lbs6oz hospital discharge weight, because of her always "falling asleep at the...
  8. Re: Fussy at breast . . . but only in the evening

    My daughter does this sometimes, and yes, only in the evenings...I read somewhere that some babies get lazy at certain mealtimes, and get frustrated after the initial letdown ends and they have to...
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    Re: Guilty Pleasures??

    OK, I already posted once in this thread but I have a new one...

    Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake!

    It's a Paula Deen recipe we made the mistake of making this weekend, and it's now almost gone, thanks...
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    Re: Baby sweating while nursing?

    I think it has to do with skin-to-skin contact...when I nurse Ruby, her head is resting in the crook of my arm, and I notice her head/neck sweats more if I am wearing something sleeveless. With...
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    Re: Guilty Pleasures??

    :ita Oh yes, I have a few...

    For one thing, I always have a snack right after each feeding. Usually, it's relatively healthy, like fruit, cheese, or yogurt...but sometimes it's cookies...:D
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    Re: Help! i dont want to wean but...

    My daughter behaves this way during her last couple of feedings before bedtime (suppertime, and sometimes the one after). It took me awhile to realize that she was simply getting lazy after letdown....
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    Re: Getting baby down for naps?

    I've found that Ruby prefers to nap in a semi-reclined position, rather than flat on her back in her crib (although she does sleep flat on her back overnight). So for daytime naps, I will carry or...
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    Re: What no one ever told you????

    :ita This is a great topic!:ita

    No one ever told me how beautiful a baby looks right after they've finished nursing...that peaceful, content, sleeping face with a drop of milk on the lips or...
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    Re: overnight engorgement

    Thanks ladies, for your suggestions and encouragement. Last night went much more smoothly...I was still quite full when she woke to eat, but not so engorged that she couldn't latch. She emptied one...
  16. Re: Silly question: Can a baby be on a breast for too long?

    Not a silly question at all! To me, 1hr 10min does seem awful long for one breast...my pedi has recommended no more than 25 minutes per side, stating that anything beyond that is likely to be...
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    Re: 3 month old nursing interval

    :ita I'm glad you asked this...I sometimes wonder if I should be trying to space daytime feedings out more.

    My daughter is 2-1/2 months old and nurses every 2-3.5 hrs during the day and will go up...
  18. Re: Help! Baby gets "fierce" on breast at times

    My daughter usually does this during her suppertime feeding. It could be due to fast let-down, as others suggested, or just a need to burp. I've also read that some babies are somewhat lazy during a...
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    overnight engorgement

    Hi Everyone-

    This is my first post, as I have been lucky to have no BFing issues until now...

    The last few nights, my 2-1/2-month-old daughter has been sleeping up to 7 hours at night (yay!:)...
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