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  1. Re: how many times a day are you nursing?

    My ds is 19 months and has an unpredictable schedule of nursing. Most mornings when he wakes up he wants to nurse otehrs he will have nothign to do with it. He will always nurse to go to sleep...
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    Re: Does milk change after 1 yr?

    kellymom.com has some wonderful articles.
  3. Re: still need help with my 13 month old

    He has never really had much of an interest in solids. He eats very minimal maybe 4-6 ounces a day and thats a good day. We have tried many finger foods and sometimes he will do good an others...
  4. still need help with my 13 month old

    We saw the doctor today to rule out any ear infection/sore throat. I was able to get my son to nurse 3 times daily Sunday and Monday but both had to be in a darm room and he had to be rocked until...
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    Re: Self weaning?

    I am starting to think he is weaning during the day. Over the last two days I have been abale to nurse him while awake at his nap time but need to close the blinds and make the room dark and rock...
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    Self weaning?

    My ds is 13 months old. About a week ago he started nursing less and pulling off and looking at me before continuing. Then Thursday morning was the last time he willing nursed for me. Friday and...
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