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  1. Re: Started bottle and baby going crazy

  2. Re: Started bottle and baby going crazy

    Can you manually stimulate a letdown first before nursing. That has worked very well for us whenever my baby refused to nurse (for whichever one of the 1,467 reasons he wouldn't eat). This way, the...
  3. Re: Advice on heating bottles when I am on night shift?

    My baby sitter warms up milk really easily. She fills a small bowl with hot water from the sink. Then she sets the milk bottle into it and lets it sit a few minutes. We never had a bottle warmer. My...
  4. Re: Please help with red, hard, sore nipples. Not pumping as

    Are you going through a hormonal change such as ovulation, pregnancy, return of period? That can cause painful nipples like you describe, even though your pump fits fine! For me, such nipple soreness...
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    Re: medication safety

    Have you tried calling Infant Risk? They are experts in this field: 1-806-352-2519
    It's headed by Dr. Hale, by the way.
  6. Re: need help to regain supply for 9 month old

    It's easier for baby to suck from a bottle than from breast. That's why many babies who are given bottles will likely prefer that over nursing (especially if you have a slightly "annoying for baby"...
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    Re: Feeling anxious about nursing.

    Do you mean 3 meals a day? That happened at around 15-16 months. I introduced solids at about 8-9 months. That was like a few spoonfulls. And not every day either. Then by 10-11 months he had actual...
  8. Re: Still nursing almost 16 mo old but starting to get comme

    I went to visit my grandmother the other night and she asked me if I still nurse my 18-month old son. I said "Of course I do." Then she said, "Good! I nursed all my kids until they were 2. You should...
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    Re: Feeling anxious about nursing.

    Your situation isn't very different from mine although I was not put on domperidone. My baby had an undiagnosed tongue/lip tie for way longer than your baby before someone realized what it was and we...
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    Re: Breast tenderness when weaning

    Maybe the soreness is due to a hormonal shift?
  11. Re: Recurring plugged ducts, going back to work, feeling anx

    Actually you probably won't need 10 minutes of before and after prep either. It took about a minute for me to start and 2 minutes to wash the parts. Quicker if the sink would have been in my room
  12. Re: Sore nipples, teething? No idea, pls help!

    Your nipples may also be sore due to hormonal reasons (i.e. ovulation, before a period, pregnancy, etc.).
  13. Re: 15 month old will only nurse to sleep- Help!

    Maybe you can nurse her less and less each night till you are not nursing her at all (for bedtime, that is). But do make sure to give her some milk before bed so she isn't thirsty.

    I found it was...
  14. Re: use or pitch frozen breastmilk accidentally left out?

    So taste it :)

    Personally, I wouldn't use those. But then, I am very particular about food safety.
  15. Re: milk comes in for only the first 5 minutes of pumping

    Yes it's normal. That means you only got one letdown. How much are you getting in that five minutes? Have you tried upping the speed to stimulate a second letdown? Or manually stimulating with your...
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    Re: Has anyone tried Freemie?

    Those cups look huge and wouldn't likely fit into any bra that I own.
  17. Re: 15 month old will only nurse to sleep- Help!

    Does your baby use a pacifier? I found that very helpful when my baby stopped falling asleep from nursing. He would always fall asleep during the bedtime feed but then when he got to a certain age,...
  18. Re: Recurring plugged ducts, going back to work, feeling anx

    You might nt have to pump for 40 minutes either. That's quite a long time for 3 sessions a day. Rather aim for more sessions but shorter times if you don't want so much time away from your office.
  19. Re: Recurring plugged ducts, going back to work, feeling anx

    I had so many plugged ducts all the time (never figured out a concrete reason why it was happening - I think it was the consistency of my milk, perhaps). Anyway I also work full time and my pump was...
  20. Re: Working from home with newborn and toddler experience??

    I haven't been able to get any computer work done on days that I'm home with my baby. In the really early days, it wasn't a problem really because he was content to just be in a crib with a mobile,...
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    Re: Nb and side lying nursing

    Or you can use a different position in bed. I still nurse my 18 month old in a sitting upright position when I'm in bed. I sit cross-legged on my bed and he's in the cross-cradle hold.
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    Re: Water at night?

    I don't see anything wrong with it. But I would sooner try a pacifier than a bottle of water, making sure the pacifier is the same texture and material as the bottle's nipples.
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    Re: milk in tubing

    That's a common problem with PISAs. Nothing to do with the pump. It will happen.
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    Re: Throwing up after solid

    It's also cheap! I only bought the oatmeal cereal. It's also fortified with iron and it tastes better. Before officially offering solids, if my baby was ever reluctant to nurse for whatever reason...
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    Re: Freaking out about travel

    I'd much rather a plane ride than a road trip with a baby anytime. At that small age, babies are so small and they don't require constant keeping busy like an older baby would. They go to sleep...
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