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  1. Is my baby self-weaning or is there some other problem?

    My 9 month old has recently had a hard time with a chest infection and teething. During this time, he went off solids but continued to breastfeed.

    He has now finished his antibiotics and is having...
  2. Re: Distracted nurser not gaining enough weight

    I definitely do not have the expertise of the women who have already helped you, but I can offer my sympathies and assurances that it will get better.

    My little boy was exactly the same, 2 months...
  3. Re: Baby not eating. Lactation consultants stumped!

    I also cannot contribute to the fantastic advice you have had so far but, like previous post, I also experienced something similar. My little boy suddenly started crying when I tried to nurse him...
  4. Re: Leaving 10 month old with grandparents for the night

    Thank you for the advice and support ladies.

    Mommal, your words really struck a chord with me. As a first time mum, I do feel as though I'm finding my own way but I get a sense from health...
  5. Leaving 10 month old with grandparents for the night

    Hello ladies,
    I wonder if I could seek some advice. Against all the odds (lot of pain early on, nursing strike etc!), I am still nursing at 8.5 months. He is reluctant to take a bottle but will have...
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