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    Re: nursing for HOURS in the morning

    Thanks for your replies! It's good to know I'm not alone with this. I'm finding it challenging to navigate this whole concept of setting limits. In general, it feels strange to go from acting on an...
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    nursing for HOURS in the morning

    My 21 month old has fallen into a pattern over the past couple of months of nursing more or less half-asleep from about 4 am until we get up at 6:30 or so. We co-sleep (at least the second half of...
  3. Re: Breast milk + extra nourishment before bedtime

    I have a toddler who is older (19 mos) and from time to time she seems a little restless before bed (even though I know she's tired). She can ask for a snack now, so that helps me to know what she...
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    Re: Transitioning to cows milk

    My daughter is 18 mos old and I was pumping 3x per day until she was about 11 mos old. We introduced cow's milk at 12 mos and I started dropping pumping sessions at around 11 mos because I had a...
  5. Totally panicking about dental work I just had done--help!!

    My daughter is 17 months old and breastfeeds about 4x/day (after daycare, bedtime, overnight and upon waking).

    I just got back from the dentist where I had an "occlusal adjustment" done....
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    Going away overnight

    I just found out I need to go on an overnight business trip in January. My baby will be 19 mos old. I have no desire to wean her. Assuming she is still nursing then, and I imagine she will be, should...
  7. Re: wanting to reduce or eliminate toddler night nursing

    Thanks for all of your replies. This is very helpful. Meg, your perspective is very helpful. I think a big part of my concern is about her sleep. I have been worried about how she can possibly be OK...
  8. Re: wanting to reduce or eliminate toddler night nursing

    Thanks... this is actually very reassuring :) I will try to ride it out.

    Since I posted I found a nice article on Kelleymom about night weaning. I also discovered the "Dr. Jay Gordon technique"....
  9. wanting to reduce or eliminate toddler night nursing

    I am hoping some experienced mamas can help me find ways to gently and lovingly change our night nursing pattern. My baby is 15 mos old. We were in a really good routine for a while of nursing to...
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    Re: Where did my milk go?

    I noticed at around 10 months I felt like I had no milk, too. It was fairly dramatic. I started pumping less (at work) and my breasts felt empty a lot. I thought something was wrong but there was no...
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    Re: Sore nipples!!

    Thanks for all of your replies. Just when I was starting to feel like I was running out of patience, as suddenly as it started, it went away and I've been nursing much more comfortably since last...
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    Re: When do I use frozen milk?

    My understanding is that the main advantage of a chest freezer over a regular fridge-freezer is that chest freezers are not frost free, ie they don't have an auto defrost cycle to melt the ice...
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    Sore nipples!!

    I am suddenly having moderate nipple pain while breastfeeding my 14 month old. Is this normal and will it go away? Is it more likely to be something going on with my body or is it the way she is...
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    Re: When do I use frozen milk?

    Great that you are pumping plenty of milk! I have a couple of thoughts--

    Rotating your stash is a good idea. I used to freeze all of my pumped milk on Friday and send frozen milk on Monday. That...
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    Re: Did I just dry up?

    I am not the expert that some of the other mamas here are, and I'm sure others will chime in but I wanted to quickly reassure you that you almost certainly did not completely lose your milk supply...
  16. Re: Pumping post-supplementation question.

    when I was supplementing when my baby was first born, my IBCLC told me to pump for 15 minutes after each supplemented feeding (I was using a hospital-grade pump). And it worked--within a couple of...
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    Re: Stopping BFing.

    I just have to chime in on the bra issue, too ;)
    I'm nursing a 14 month old and I probably only wear a nursing bra 1/2 the time. The rest of the time I'm back to my favorite pre-baby bras. These...
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    Re: how long to continue with stress

    Therapy has made a HUGE difference in my life since having a baby, too. I thought it would be unaffordable for me but my insurance covers most of my therapist's fee and I negotiated with her that I...
  19. Re: homemade remedy needed for nipple cream

    I would start with just plain olive oil. I say that because I really love the Motherlove nipple cream and olive oil is the first ingredient in that. Motherlove is nice because its not runny so if you...
  20. Re: increse in nursing decress in solids

    great to hear this!!!
  21. Re: Going away for 2 days - Do I need to pump?

    Sounds heavenly!! :)
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    Re: Breast pump recommendation

    I wrote an extensive comparison of the Medela Freestyle vs Pump in Style Advanced, in case you're considering each of those....
  23. Re: increse in nursing decress in solids

    My DD had two stomach bugs this winter and both times she was not terribly interested in solid foods for the better part of a week after the vomiting/diarrhea stopped. Her ped said as long as she is...
  24. Re: How long does your 12 month old take to fall asleep nurs

    Does your LO ever fall asleep in the car or stroller? I try to think about what I want to achieve during nap time and plan accordingly... so if I want to take a nap myself, then I will nurse her to...
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    Re: Is my 8-month-old weaning?

    Sounds about right. At that age my daughter was not handling most fruit or even cheerios well (we never tried puffs but I imagine they are similar). She did really well though if I roasted a sweet...
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