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    Re: dental surgery while nursing

    What type of extraction? If it is as simple as having your teeth pulled, in a traditional manner, you could request a local anesthetic. My husband had his wisdom teeth removed in that fashion a...
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    Re: Not Able to Pump Enough Milk

    Do your flanges fit properly? The mediums size that came with my Medela was good for one breast but too small for the other.
  3. Re: Pumping every 6hours/Baby getting diaper rash

    My son pooped constant little poops for the first few months of his life and his pediatrician said it was totally fine. Yes, it is annoying to have to clean up dirty diapers every hour, but he...
  4. Re: Feeding a newborn with one breast at each feeding

    My son never took two breasts per feeding.

    I tried to force it when he was about 6 weeks or so, because the literature I had told me that by such-and-such an age baby should be taking both...
  5. Re: Bottle brands known to support breast feeding?

    There is no right answer. The suggestion I give to new moms is to NOT decide on a bottle/nipple and buy a bunch of one kind, because baby might decided they don't like them and you are stuck with a...
  6. Re: Breast still full after pumping for 30 mins

    My left breast never emptied as well as my right when pumping. I found that some of the milk ducts on my left required some serious outside pressure to "empty" more completely. Sometimes you can...
  7. Re: Latch Issues and Nipple Confusion (Concerned Father)

    Have you tried nursing her while she is half asleep? If your wife expresses just a little bit of milk onto the tip of her nipple, then jostles sleeping baby girl a little and touches her nipple to...
  8. Re: 4 month - start schedule or continue baby-led?

    In terms of a napping schedule, consider this:

    My son went to two different large daycare centers, and in the process of choosing these day care centers for him and for our soon-to-be-born...
  9. Re: need support & encouragement weaning 1 yr old

    There is no right or wrong answer to that. You can put the EBM in a bottle or a sippy. If she is not loving the sippy cup yet, it might inspire her to drink more from the cup if there is some EBM...
  10. Re: need support & encouragement weaning 1 yr old

    I would focus on pump weaning for now. Since she is okay with cows milk, ask you MIL to offer cows milk with meals and slowly cut down the EBM bottles. Keep nursing while you are together and don't...
  11. Re: Block feeding to correct foremilk/hindmilk imbalance

    Some babies are just gassy and it isn't indicative of a problem that needs to be solved. Most babies will outgrow this in the 4-6 month range. I totally agree with you, don't risk your supply over...
  12. Re: Confused about what I yield from pumping at work...

    Agreed. Most women need to pump at least 3 times when working 8+ hours. If you can't find the time to do it during work, maybe try to pump during commute time?
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    Re: Switch to formula

    The length of time it takes for milk to dry up is as individual as every women. I was still making milk 6 months after weaning. Will you still be leaking? I would guess unlikely but that is no...
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    Re: Traveling with Pump and EBM

    Did you see this?

    Breast milk is exempt from the 3-1-1 rule, so you can travel with as much as you need to, liquid or frozen. In my...
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    Re: Help! I've created a monster!

    My DS was such a terrible napper, too! The only time he took really long naps (like 1-2+ hours) was when he was laying ON me. Wearing him helped some, but there is only so much you can get done...
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    Re: Solids at 4 Months???

    If you are at all uncomfortable with your son having solids then stop. Since you are on here asking questions, I assume there is something about it making you wonder if it is the right choice. If...
  17. Re: Son just turned 1 last week - I have questions! Help :)

    I would mention the WHO recommendation. "I hear the World Health Organization recommends nursing for 2 years now, so, we will see how it goes for another year". Who can argue with the WHO?
  18. Re: milk is disappearing after 9 months. what to do?

    Nurse as much as possible on the weekends and offer even if he isn't acting hungry. This can help increase your supply at least during the first couple days of the week, so you have a better pump...
  19. Re: Administering probiotic to EBF infant

    Yes, antibiotics can cause frequent poops and diarrhea. Give baby's butt as much open air time as you can, no cream, no powder, just air. If he isn't mobile, then it is easy to lay out some cloth...
  20. Re: Administering probiotic to EBF infant

    I picked up a power probiotic for infants at my local Vitamin Shoppe. I think it was the Jarro brand I linked to below:...
  21. Re: I thought BF babies couldn't be constipated?

    Some babies are more gassy than others. Mine was like that, and I wouldn't say he was colicky, but he had his days where nothing seemed to calm him, and I think gas was often the culprit. I tried...
  22. Re: Daycare pushing for more bottles / low pumping productio

    I agree, 6oz bottle are WAY too big. That is formula sized bottles, and EBM bottles are not supposed to be the same size as formula bottles. 3-4 oz per bottle is normal for EBM.
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    Re: Sudafed

    I can't take Sudafed (pseudoephedrine) because it leads to insomnia for me. I rely primarily on nasal rinses. You can find this one in most drugs stores: ...
  24. Re: Will exercise affect production?

    Stay well hydrated, don't combine an increase in exercise with a huge decrease in calories, and everything should be fine. You don't want to loose weight TOO fast. I started running again as soon...
  25. Re: How soon is it to start (almost) exclusively pumping?

    I am going to focus on your "almost" that you have in your title.

    I have had two friends that have had success switching to daytime EP and nightime nursing around the time they returned to work,...
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